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Break a Part Bars Scented Wax

Break a Part Bars:
Same amount of wax as a clamshell, less packaging.
Easily break bars to the desired size.
Each bar weighs approx. 2.7 ounces.

Scent Names & Descriptions:

*Amityville (pipe smoke & Apple harvest)
*Ariel (ocean waters, sunflowers & green apple)
*Apricot Cake
*Belle Starr (white nectarine, pink coral & barnwood)
*Blackberry Green Tea
*Black Cherry Cola
*Cabin in the Woods (apple french toast & s’mores)
*Canyon Sunset (raspberry, rosemary, mint & vanilla bean noel)
*Cleopatra (salty sea air, grapefruit & cotton candy)
*Cotton Candy Popsicles
*Crunchberry Snickerdoodles (cap’n crunch berries & snickerdoodle cookies)
*Don’t Forget the Arnold Palmer (white tea & Lemonade)
*Dreamy (juicy fruit, pineapple, pink sugar & cotton candy)
*Electric Lime (lime, strawberry, coconut, fizzy pop)
*Her Bathrobe (chamomile, pink sugar & chantilly Lace)
*His Bathrobe (cedar, juniper, blue sugar & chantilly lace)
*Ice Cream Truck (juicy oranges, pineapple & fresh cut grass)
*Lavender Mojito
*Melon Kiss (honeydew, raspberries, salt water taffy & frosting)
*Misty Marina (gingered lime, salty sea air & beach wood)
*Oceana (beach wood, sea salt & ocean moss)
*October (apple harvest, leaves, marshmallow fireside)
*Outdoor Concert (black cedar wood, juniper, cannabis flower & fresh cut grass)
*Out of the Blue (blueberries & green apple cake)
*Peaches & Sunflowers
*Perfectly Pear (fizzy pear & fluffy marshmallows)
*Pink Lemonade Ice Cream (pink lemonade, ice cream, waffle cone)
*Pistachio Cherry Danish
*Pixie Potion (bergamot, Pink Lemonade & Grapefruit)
*Rainbows (rainbow sherbet, peaches, apricots & blueberries)
*Raspberry Crush (crushed raspberries, whipped cream & toasted marshmallows)
*Raspberry Lemonade Poundcake
*Raspberry Peach Sugar Cone
*Riptide (peach, salty sea air & coconut)
*Rootbeer Waffle Cone Float
*Rose Jam (lush type)
*Salt Water Taffy Popsicles
*Sangria Dew (pass the sangria - grape, orange, lemon, lime, apple, pomegranate, blackberries & sugar with mt. dew)
*Seaside Snack Shack (cherries, cotton candy, salty sea air & fizzy pop)
*Sittin’in the Dock of the Bay (bay breeze type- salt water and floral lilies)
*Smoke & Lace (chantilly Lace, woodsmoke & ylang ylang)
*So-Sophisticated (lavender, green tea & cedar leaf)
*SPF Coppertone (coppertone type)
*Spring Clothesline (fresh cut grass & cotton sheets)
*Sprinkle Cookies (sugar cookie dough, strawberry sprinkles & pie crust)
*Strawberry Cotton Candy Cornbread
*Strawberry Cream Zucchini Cake (strawberries and cream, strawberry shortcake, zucchini bread & whipped cream)
*Summer Baby (baby powder, sunflowers & ylang ylang)
*Summer Sorbet Tea & Cakes
*Sundance Linen (cotton sheets & clementine)
*Surfer (fresh coconut, island fruit & shaving cream)


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