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Break a Part Bars Scented Wax

Break a Part Bars:
Same amount of wax as a clamshell, less packaging.
Easily break bars to the desired size.
Each bar weighs approx. 2.7 ounces.

Scent Names & Descriptions:

*Amethyst Clouds (lavender rock candy & white clouds)
*Apricot Affection (juicy apricot & cotton candy twinkies)
*Baby Clouds (white clouds with baby magic type & pink sugar)
*Backyard Picnic (watermelon, vanilla ice cream & clean cotton)
*Baker’s Dozen (cookie dough, pie crust & blackberry pizzelle)
*Bette & Dot (circus - cotton candy, caramelized apples, hints of funnel cake & blue cotton candy, blue slushy)
*Billowing Sheets (sage, lemongrass & chantilly lace)
*Blue Ocean Waters (ocean waters - sea salt & ocean moss, downy blue & coconut milk)
*Boo, You Whore (fizzy satsuma)
*Boudoir (raspberry jam, pink sugar, leather & lace)
*Cake Pop (strawberry lemonade 7-up pound cake)
*Camp Crystal Lake (blue cotton candy spearmint)
*Captivating Cleopatra (grapefruit, cotton candy & vanilla bean noel)
*Cherry Almond Cupcake (cherry almond cupcakes at tiffany’s)
*Delphina (bubble gum, cotton candy & pineapple)
*Distinguished Boyfriend (birch and black pepper type & cappuccino (coffee, cream & spices)
*Easy Like Sunday Morning (shaving cream, pineapple, papaya & mangosteen)
*Eden (lavender & olive branch type - orange flower, crisp lemon & earthy oak moss)
*Eye of the Hurricane (raspberries, blackberries & salty sea air)
*Fairy Frolics (fruit loops, bartlett pear & snow fairy type- pear, cotton candy, vanilla & cherry)
*Fireside Cobbler (blueberries, cobbler, graham cracker & marshmallow fireside)
*Fluffy Lavender - Break a Part Bars
*Funfetti (raspberry lemonade & mac apple cake)
*Garden Mint & Bergamot
*Gentleman (spearmint, oak spices & shaving cream)
*Ginger & Lime Soda
*Go to Sleep Savannah! (lavender, cotton candy & vanilla frosting)
*Green Clover & Aloe (bbw type)
*Honey & Strawberry Oatmeal
*Hopscotch (sugary lollipops, mandarin orange & fizzy pop)
*Huckleberry Scones & Coffee
*Island Clean (sweet strawberry, iced pineapple & gain island fresh)
*I will Buy You a New Life (violet, orange peel, vanilla bean noel)
*Kickin’ Lime Sherbet (lime sherbet, rainbow sherbet & mt. dew)
*Lavender Lemon Tea (lavender, lemon slices & tea)
*Magic in the Hamptons (blonde moment & magic in the air type- almond flower, white iris & whipped vanilla)
*Man in the Moon (lavender & cedar leaf, flannel sheets & salty sea air)
*Marshmallow Oasis (coconut coast, pineapple, orange peel & fluffy marshmallows)
*Melon Kiss (honeydew, raspberries, salt water taffy & frosting)
Mermaid Escapades - Break a Part Bars (oceanside, pink sugar & ribbon candy)
*Newport Peaches (newport- salt water taffy & salty sea air & fresh peaches)
*Oasis Tea (apricot, bartlett pear & white tea)
*Orange Cream Bubble Gum
*Outdoor Concert (black cedar wood, juniper, cannabis flower & fresh cut grass)
*Overcast (rain barrel & gain island fresh)
*Peaches & Sunflowers
*Peppered Poppies (pomegranate and orange swirled with cinnamon with clove sprinkles cherry blossoms and a touch of vanilla & mint)
*Pink Cotton Candy Margarita
*Pink Fizzy Angel Food Cake (fizzy pink lemonade & angel food cake)
*Pistachio Ice Cream Pie (pistachio ice cream, vanilla & pie crust)
*Plum Rain (salty sea air, plum & fresh rain)
*Pucker Up (watermelon, lime & pink sugar)
*Raspberry Cosmo Tea (crushed raspberries & vanilla bean tea)
*Raspberry Swirl (lemon cream raspberry swirl sugar cookie)
*Sandman (fresh strawberries, lavender fields & beach wood)
*Sangria Sherbet (sangria, coconut sherbet & waffle cone)
*Sea Kelp & Agave
*Seaside Boutique (white nectarine & pink coral, salty sea air)
*Smells Like Teen Spirit (cotton candy, strawberry satsuma)
*Spells & Potions (orange slices, lovespell type & vanilla bean)
*Strawberry Marshmallow Margarita (strawberries, frozen margarita & gooey marshmallow)
*Supernova (strawberry, camu camu & salt water taffy)
*Surfer Girlfriend (pink chiffon, copper hue with a touch of baby powder)
*Sweetie Pie (pretzels with strawberry cake batter & whipped cream)
*Sweet Pear Summer Sorbet (fresh pears & summer sorbet - summer scoop type)
*The Great Green Room (zucchini birthday cake, graham cracker & coconut cream)
*These Dreams (olive branch type, blackberries & shaving cream)
*Toasted Strawberry (strawberry pound cake, cookie dough & toasted marshmallow)
*Vanilla Pistachio Loops (pistachio pudding cake, fruit Loops & vanilla bean noel)
*Water Babies (coppertone type, lavender, chamomile, coconut & fresh cut grass)
*White Clouds (lily, bergamot, geraniums, violet & precious woods)
*You Spin Me Right Round (citrus basil & cotton sheets)


  • Image of Break a Part Bars Scented Wax
  • Image of Break a Part Bars Scented Wax