About Us

Basically we just like things that smell good!

Aromas and fragrances can put us in a mood (good or bad), we're going for the good. We think everything should smell nice all the time. Nobody has time for life to smell bad.

We only use the highest quality fragrance oils. We blend our own paraffin and soy waxes to hold as much fragrance as possible.

We want you to be surrounded in wonderful aromas every day, all day long.

Other stuff:

Summer shipping - Mondays - Wednesdays

General Shipping - Shipping is flat rate $7.50. If you feel your order is under 13 oz and would like us to ship first class, please leave a note in your order and we will refund the extra shipping charge if we can ship first class.

Returns - Because of the nature of the product, we do not offer returns. If you are not satisfied with your order, please send us a message and we will resolve the problem together ;)

If you have any concerns or comments we would love to hear from you! Please message us from the contact tab :)