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🌸Customs will be open Friday June 7th at 12:00pm ET - Wednesday June 12th

🌸Customs are poured in the order received. The sooner you place your order the faster you will receive it 😉 (I ship as I go 😃)

🌸Customs will be open on the website and we will be offering customs in:

🌟Loaves is 12-13oz ($22)
🌟Shape Bags 15oz ($28)
🌟6pk Snap Bars 18oz ($34)
🌟3pk Bitty Loaves 16-17oz ($30)

🌸FREE SHIPPING over $100 with
code FS100

🌸Please read entire post (I know it’s long but it’s all important 😉)

🌸How to order:

*Check out our Scent Lists and Oil lists in the pinned posts.

*Choose your scents and blends.
*We can blend up to 4 single scent oils or you can add 1 or 2 oils to an existing house blend.

*In the message section of your order, let us know which blends you would like for each loaf.

*You can add percentages of oils you prefer. Ex. 40% Watermelon 60% Fizzy Pop. Or we can blend it for you. If you prefer no color or embellishments on your wax, please let us know in the message section as well.

🌸We may email or message you on fb if we have any questions about your order.

🌸No triple Layered loaves for customs

🌸Custom orders are made to order. Turn around time is approx. 6-8 weeks depending on the amount of orders placed during the time period. Custom orders may close without notice if we reach our maximum work load capabilities 😉

*Let us know if you have any questions ❤️


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