Scent List & Description S



Sachet *HB - Gain Island Fresh with Freesia, pink sugar & vanilla bean noel


Sakura – library, beach towels & cherry blossoms


Salem *HB - blackberry, rainbow sherbet & mac apples


Salt Water Taffy Sugar Cookie Bomb *HB - saltwater taffy, vanilla wafer, & sugar cookie


Salt Water Taffy Serendipity *HB -


Sandman *HB - fresh strawberries, lavender fields & beach wood


Sangria Dew *HB - Pass the Sangria (Grape, orange, lemon lime, apple, pomegranate, blackberries and sugar) & Mt. Dew


Sangria Sherbet *HB - Sangria, Coconut Sherbet & Waffle Cone


Santa Baby - Palo Santo, sugar cookie, birthday cheesecake & cake batter ice cream


Santa’s Laundry *cc - Hedonic Tonic & fluffy towels


Santa’s Peppermint Cream Soda - white chocolate, peppermint syrup, cream soda, & ice cream with peppermint sprinkles


Satsuma Float *HB - satsuma, raspberry, mango, vanilla & peach


Saucy Santa *HB - vanilla bourbon, pipe smoke & sugar cookie


Savannah Always Chooses Strawberry *HB - strawberry shortcake, vanilla cream & pie crust


Savannah's Fairy Garden - fresh clipped garden herbs, a squeeze of lime & a sprig of lavender


Savannah's House *HB - cotton candy, lavender fields, mac apple & frosted cupcakes


Savannah Smiles *HB - rainbow sherbet, satsuma, pineapple & whip cream


Scoops, Loops & Froots - key lime, summer scoop & fruit loops


Scrumpdiddlyumptious - cherry cookies, fruit loops, vanilla ice cream & birthday cake


Scrumptious Green Apple – crisp, juicy green apple


Sea Clean HB - salty sea air, Honey I Washed the Kids (Lush type) & blackberries


Sea Kelp & Agave – a fresh and intriguing blend of agave, sea kelp, ocean breeze, citrus zests, sparkling bergamot, dewy cyclamen and soothing sandalwood ( a spa-like scent)


Sea La Vie *HB - mac apple, shaving cream & salty sea air


Search for the Unicorns * HB - strawberry shortcake, cotton candy & waffle cones


Seaside Boutique *HB - white nectarine, pink coral & salty sea air


Seaside Carousel *HB - cotton candy, Twinkies, salty sea air & Copper Coconut type


Seaside Ferris Wheel *HB - strawberry, pink cotton candy, vanilla cream, sea salt & ocean moss


Seaside Snack Shack *HB - cherries, cotton candy, salty sea air & fizzy pop


Sea Star *HB - Chamomile, Sea Salt and Ocean Moss


Secret Garden *HB - citrus basil, spearmint & garden soil


Secret Menu - Old town bake shoppe, hot maple toddy, funnel cake


September - pecan, cedar, apples, berries, green leaves & cinnamon leaf with coconut pumpkin cream


Serendipia *HB - Olive Branch (Lush type), Honey I Washed the Kids (Lush type) & Vanilla Bean Noel


Shadows *HB -Malayan coconut, black vanilla, amber, birch, cedarwood & plum


She Doesn't Even Go Here *HB – iced champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry &

cranberry (Blonde Moment)


Show & Tell *HB - lemon sugar, cherry slushy, lime freeze


Show Stopper - red berries, sweet orange, peaches, lime, salty sea air, fresh cut grass & shaving cream


Silly Rabbit *HB – Trix cereal type, birthday cake & sugar milk


Silent Night *cc - peppermint, spearmint with a hint of lavender marshmallow


Silver Lining – pink chiffon, steel sugar & French Cade lavender


Sinister *HB - pink sugar & zucchini bread


Sing Me the Blues *HB - Blue Cotton Candy & Blue Sugar


Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay (Bay Breeze Type) - salt water & floral lilies


Skinny Dippin' - citrus, amber musk, sandalwood, moss & cedar


Sleeping Dust - tonka & oud, Twilight type & warm vanilla sugar

Sleepy Hollow *HB - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Toasted Marshmallows & mac apples


Sleepy Hollow & Spiked Pumpkin Latte


Sleigh Ride *cc - spiced orange cider, cinnamon sticks, evergreen trees & Marshmallow Fireside


Slide *HB - cedar, balsam & mac apple


Smells Like Spring *HB - pink sugar, plum garden & Fresh Cut Grass


Smells Like Teen Spirit *HB - cotton candy, strawberry & satsuma


Smoke & Lace *HB - Chantilly Lace, woodsmoke & ylang ylang


Smoky Pink Sugar *HB - woodsmoke & pink sugar


Smokin Hot *HB - birch & black pepper, wood smoke & vanilla bean


S'mores - Graham Crackers, gooey toasted marshmallow & rich chocolate


S'mores Caffeinated *HB - Graham Crackers, gooey toasted marshmallow, rich chocolate & coffee


Snowflake Flannel Sheets *HB – Flannel Sheets, North Pole type, tonka & vanilla bean noel


Snowflakes & Cashmere - cashmere cream, shimmering vanilla & frosted clementine


Snow Capped Peaks *cc – vanilla ice cream, candy cane meringue & vanilla waffle cone


Snow Globe *HB - peppermint & vanilla taffy


Snow Fairy (Lush type) - a candy sweet combination of pear, cotton candy, vanilla & cherry.


Snow Kissed Mittens (BBW type) - Vanilla, Sweet Sugar Cane, Blue Cypress Fir, Rosemary Sprigs, hints of Tiara Flower (gardenia), Sugar Mint, Oak Moss Resin & Dark Teak


Snow Witch (BBW type) - Evergreen resin infused with sparkling tart fruit and woody clove, wrapped around pine and fir needles.


Soft & Sleepy *HB - Gain Island Fresh, salty sea air & lavender


Some Like it Hot - black sugar, vanilla bean noel & salty sea air


Something Wicked *HB – blackberry, funnel cake & Marshmallow Fireside


Song Sung Blue *HB - blueberries, clementine & whipped cream


Sorta Fairytale * HB – lavender & toasted marshmallow


So-SoPhisticated *HB - lavender, green tea & cedar leaf


Sour Satsuma Taffy HB -


Southern Belle *HB - White Clouds, orange blossom, ylang ylang & vanilla bean noel


Spa Resort *HB - cotton sheets, lime, mandarin, fresh herbs & salty sea air


Sparkling Festivities *HB - cotton candy, maraschino cherries, sweet cranberry & fizzy pop


Spells & Potions * HB - orange slices, Lovespell type & vanilla bean


SPF Coppertone - Coppertone suntan lotion type


Spiced & Spiked *cc – spiked eggnog, fluffy marshmallows & spice cake


Spiced Cranberry - cranberry sauce infused with cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla


Spiced Cranberry Bourbon *HB - vanilla bourbon, spiced cranberry & vanilla bean noel


Spiced Cranberry Zucchini *HB – cranberry sauce infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla & zucchini bread


Spiced Orange Cream Coffee *HB - orange cinnamon cream & coffee


Spiked Yuletide Nog *cc - eggnog, vanilla ice cream, bourbon, sugar cookies & freshly grated cinnamon


Splashed * HB - spearmint, shaving cream & Fresh Cut Grass


Spookilicious *cc - cider donut, cupcakes at Tiffany’s, cider lane & toasted marshmallow


Spooky Season *HB – boardwalk marshmallow clouds, cashmere forest & leaves


Spooky Spells *cc – Love Spell, pear & orange


Spring Clothesline *HB - Fresh Cut Grass & cotton sheets


Spring Lavender *HB - Fresh cut grass & lavender


Sprinkle Cookies *HB - Sugar Cookie Dough, Strawberry Sprinkles & Pie Crust


Spun Cotton Candy - a blend of fresh strawberry, sugar and sweet vanilla spun sugar on a stick


Star Crossed *HB - tobacco, violet & vanilla bean noel


Stardust *HB - lavender pipe smoke & vanilla bean noel


Starlite * HB - Rainbow Sherbet, Orange Twinkies & Sugar Milk


Starry Nights *HB -black tea, black currants, bergamot, sandalwood & vanilla honey


Sticky Apple Pecan Gingerbread *cc – apple pie filling, gingerbread & pecan pie


St. Nick's Coffee *HB - caramel cookie cappuccino latte


Stories by the Campfire *cc - toasted marshmallow, graham cracker with a touch of wood smoke


Strawberries & Cream Pina Colada - strawberries, sweet cream with pina colada


Strawberries & French Toast Angel Food Cake *HB - strawberry puree & French Toasted Angel Food Cake


Strawberry Apple Iced White Tea *HB - strawberry, macintosh apples & white tea


Strawberry Cake *HB - homemade white cake mixed with sweet, ripe strawberries


Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie Dough *HB -


Strawberry Cotton Candy Cornbread *HB


Strawberry Cookies for Santa *cc - strawberry pound cake, sugar cookies, cookie dough & frosting


Strawberry Cornbread Marshmallow Fluff * HB –


Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosted Circus Cookies *HB -


Strawberry Cream Soda * HB -


Strawberry Cream Zucchini Cake *HB - strawberries and cream, strawberry shortcake, zucchini bread & whip cream


Strawberry Filled Cake with Blueberry Frosting *HB


Strawberry Gummy Bear Cream Soda *HB – strawberry, gummy bears & cream soda


Strawberry Ice Box Tea & Cakes *HB - strawberry shortcake, graham crackers & tea and cakes


Strawberry Marshmallow Cuppy Cake *HB - Sugared Strawberry Marshmallows & Cupcakes at Tiffany's


Strawberry Marshmallow Margarita *HB - strawberries, frozen margarita & gooey marshmallow


Strawberry Overload *HB - strawberry pound cake, strawberry milk & spun sugar vanilla bean


Strawberry Peach Italian Cream Soda *HB


Strawberry Pine - sweet strawberries & a touch of wild pine


Strawberry Pink Sugar *HB –


Strawberry Pound Cake – moist pound cake topped with fresh strawberries and fresh cream


Strawberry Pound Cake Frosted Circus Cookies – strawberry pound cake with frosted circus cookies


Strawberry Pound Cake & Peach Glow *cc – Strawberry Pound Cake (moist pound cake topped with fresh strawberries and fresh cream) & Peach Glow (tangerine gelato, just peachy & birthday cake)


Strawberry Pound Cake & Pumpkin Pecan Waffles


Strawberry Pound Cake, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles & Frosted Circus Cookies *cc


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - sweet fresh strawberries, sour rhubarb marmalade & flaky pie crust


Strawberry Rhubarb Zucchini Mac Apple * HB -


Strawberry Shortcake - fresh strawberries, Angel Food Cake & whipped cream


Strawberry S’mores *HB – toasted marshmallow, strawberry pound cake & caramel cookie


Strawberry Spearmint and Blue Cotton Candy *HB


Strawberry Sugar Clouds *HB - sweet, sugared strawberries & Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds


Strazzleberry Cupcake *HB - strawberries, Frankenberry cereal, marshmallows & cupcake


Stubborn Love * HB - ginger lime, Solitude (Twilight type) & vanilla bean noel


Sudsy Lavender *HB - lavender & Gain type


Sugar Pants *HB - cotton candy & pink sugar


Sugar Plum Fairy - plum, black cherries, sweet orange, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus & sandalwood


Sugar Rush – cherry crumb pie, Twinkies & cake batter


Sugared Strawberry Margarita *HB - fresh strawberries, sweet sugar & margarita


Sultana (Lush type) - lemon, woodland strawberry, rose, lavender, fresh ginger, woods & dark musk


Summer Baby *HB - baby powder, sunflowers & ylang ylang


Summer Bake Sale *HB - carrot cake, zucchini bread & cream cheese frosting


Summer Fun *HB - satsuma, cotton candy, pineapple, strawberry & whipped cream


Summer Orange - fresh orange citrus


Summer Sippin' *HB - Sangria Punch & Copper Coconut


Summer Sorbet (Summer Scoop type) - strawberry, pink cotton candy & vanilla cream


Summer Sorbet Sundae *HB - summer sorbet, buttercream ice cream & strawberry sprinkles


Summer Sorbet Tea & Cakes *HB


Summer's End *HB – banana, pineapple, suntan lotion, salty sea air & Marshmallow Fireside


Summers in Georgia *cc - fresh picked strawberries, peach & vanilla lace


Sundance Linen * HB - cotton sheets & clementine


Sunlit Morning - fresh linen with Fiji dates & lemon peel


Sun Salutations – wild sea grass, Avobath type & ocean


Sun Washed Citrus (BBW type) – crisp lemon, citron agave & musk


Sunflower - floral sunflower on a subtle green background


Sunflowers & Rainbows – Sunflower (floral sunflower on a subtle green background) & Rain Barrel (ocean ozone with subtle hints of green)


Sunny Days *HB – pineapple & whipped toasted marshmallow cream


Sunset *HB - sweet bergamot, grapefruit & Fresh Cut Grass


Sunshine & Lollipops- orange juice cake, lollipops, candied cherries, powdered sugar & sprinkles


Sunshine & Saltwater *HB - Copper Coconut & Salty Seawater


Sunshine on my Shoulders *HB- papaya, barnwood, mango & Fresh Cut Grass


Supernova *HB - strawberry, camu camu & saltwater taffy


Superstitious * HB - strawberry rhubarb & salted pretzel


Super Cerealously *HB - cap’n crunch berries, raspberries & fresh baked bread

Surfer *HB - fresh coconut, Island fruit & shaving cream

Surfer Boyfriend *HB - Midsummer's Night, Barber Shop 1920s, & salty sea air


Surfer Girlfriend * HB - pink chiffon, copper hue with a touch of baby powder

Surprise Party *HB – pink sugar cookie, coconut cream & birthday cheesecake


Sweater Weather type - crunchy fall air, juniper berries, sage & eucalyptus


Sweet 16 *HB - birthday cake, strawberries & cotton candy


Sweet and Sassy & Pink Sugar *cc - blackberry magnolia, marshmallow fluff & pink sugar


Sweet Berry Cookies - strawberries, blueberry jam, sugar cookie dough & marshmallows


Sweet Cranberry Peppermint


Sweet Cranberry Zucchini Bread – sweetened, dried cranberry zucchini bread


Sweet Dreams *HB - lavender, peppermint, & vanilla wafer cone

Sweet Life- Bora Bora (coconut water, sun kissed citrus, lychee, passionfruit & night blooming jasmine), blue raspberry slushie, satsuma & Boardwalk Taffy type


Sweet Nothings *HB - blackberry, vanilla snowflake & pie crust


Sweet On You *HB - Strawberry Shortcake, Fruit Loops & cake batter


Sweet Pear Lemonade *HB - sweet pears & tart lemonade


Sweet Pear Summer Sorbet *HB - fresh pears & summer sorbet


Sweet Sara *HB -strawberry pink sugar, toasted marshmallow & Tea and Cakes


Sweet Tooth *HB - Buttercream Sugar Cookie, Cake Batter, Buttercream Cupcake & Buttermilk Pancakes


Sweetie Pie *HB - pretzels with strawberry cake batter & whipped cream


Sweetness Follows *HB - cotton candy & shaving cream


Swim with the Mermaids *HB - cucumber and sea salt & Fresh Cut Grass


Swiss Coffee *HB - espresso, cappuccino, coconut cream pie & whip cream