Scent List & Description T-Z



Take 5 - Chocolate fudge, caramel, pretzel, peanut butter cookie, shortbread


Take a Hint – mac apple, plum & sweet tooth


Take Me to the Coast - salty sea air


Tangerine Candy Machine * HB - tangerine gelato & cotton candy frosting


Taste the Rainbow – Skittles type


Tea and Sugar Plum Cakes *HB - Sugar Plum Fairy & Tea and Cakes


Tea on Cider Lane *HB - Tea and Cakes with Cider Lane


Tea & Zinger Cakes * HB -


Teaberry *HB - Green Tea, lemon, cool mint & vanilla


Tea with Savannah *HB - Tea & Cakes with a side of fresh blueberry scones


Temptress *HB - patchouli sandalwood blended with hints of citrus & vetiver (Lord of Misrule type) & Flannel Sheets


That Is So Fetch *HB - fizzy pop, mac apple & pineapple


That's My Daughter in the Water *HB - Copper Coconut, salty sea air & cotton sheets


The Big Banana * HB - banana cream pie, cake batter & vanilla wafers


The Ghost - arctic air, mountain heather, cedar wood, Norwegian balsam, amber, oak moss & Barbershop 1920s


The Ghost of Christmas Past - arctic air, mountain heather, cedar wood, Norwegian balsam, amber, oak moss & fluffy towels


The Ghost of Cursed Coast - The Ghost (arctic air, mountain heather, cedar wood, Norwegian balsam, amber, oak moss & barbershop 1920s) & Cursed Coast (salty sea air, fresh balsam & vanilla sandalwood)


The Great Green Room *HB - Zucchini Birthday Cake, Graham Cracker & Coconut Cream


The Perfect Christmas *cc - cinnamon & sugar, toasted marshmallows and a hint of fresh cut pine


The Sweetest Thing * HB - pink sugar, blackberry & cotton candy


The Stockings Were Hung *cc – balsam & cedar, mac apple, Frasier fir & Marshmallow Fireside


These Dreams * HB - Olive Branch type, blackberries & shaving cream


Tidal Wave *HB – satsuma & coconut lime verbena


To the Garden *HB - freesia, garden soil & scrumptious green apple


Toasted Marshmallow - the yummy sweet smell of marshmallows roasting over a campfire


Toasted Strawberry *HB - strawberry pound cake, cookie dough & toasted marshmallow


Top Shelf Margarita *HB - margarita, sea salt & orange cream


Town of Who-Ville *cc – Winter type, vanilla bean noel, Marshmallow Fireside & cranberry woods


Tranquility *HB - a blend of lemongrass, black currant, jasmine, patchouli & sugar cane


Trick or Treat *HB - pumpkin pie crunch, ice cream & cookie dough


Triple Berry Layered Cake *HB - Blackberry Jam, Raspberry Jam and Huckleberries & Birthday Cake


Triple Scoop *HB – summer sorbet, fresh picked strawberries & sugar cookie


Tropical Confections *HB - banana frosting & pineapple cream cake


Tropical Lemonade *HB- pineapple, mixed berries, apple, orange, lime, banana & lemonade


Tropical Soda - bing cherries, juicy orange & sparkling red raspberries


Tropical Twister – Blue Hawaiian, Blue Raspberry Slushy & Saltwater Taffy


Tropical Typhoon - tropical soda & cream soda


Trouvaille *HB - blueberries, pink sugar & 7-Up pound cake


True Blue *HB - blueberries, pink sugar & sugar milk


Tuscan Fields - blood orange, black raspberries, incense, dark vanilla bean, vetiver & musk


Tutti Fruity *HB - watermelon, lollipops & orange sugar

Twisted * HB - buttercream, cotton candy & blue sugar


Twisty *HB - Black Cherry, Circus (cotton candy, caramelized apples, and hints of funnel cake) & Mexican Fried Ice Cream




Ugly Christmas Sweater *HB - zucchini bread, graham cracker & vanilla lace


Unbeleafable *HB – Marshmallow Fireside, autumn wreath, coriander & tonka


Under the Coconut Tree *HB – key lime, Fuji apples, pina colada & cotton candy


Under the Stars - blue sugar, violets & vanilla lace


Unicorn Cake *HB – cotton candy, rainbow candy drops, sugared lemon, unicorn kisses, blue cotton candy, & white cake


Unicorn Cotton Candy Taco *cc – cotton candy, pizzelle, fried ice cream, whipped cream & cherries


Up, Up and Away *HB – lavender, White Clouds (fresh & clean with bergamot, geranium, violet & precious woods) & Avobath type


Ursula *HB - salty sea air, lavender, Fresh Cut Grass with a speck of garden soil




Valentine's Day *HB - pink petal tea cakes & cotton candy frosting


Vampire Vibes *HB - cider lane, mulled cider & Angel Food Cake


Vanilla Buttercream Cornbread *HB – Vanilla Buttercream & cornbread


Vanilla Chai – vanilla, nutmeg, clove, ginger & cinnamon


Vanilla Cotton Candy Tea & Cakes * HB - cotton candy, vanilla bean noel & Tea and Cakes


Vanilla Pistachio Loops * HB - Pistachio Pudding Cake, Fruit Loops & vanilla bean noel


Vanilla Plum Pie - boardwalk vanilla cone, red plum baklava & pie crust


Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream *HB -


Vanilla Snowflake (BBW Type) - creamy vanilla and winter mint with a light touch of coconut


Very Merry Unbirthday - Tea and Cakes, Sugar Cookie, Rainbow Sherbet & Waffle Cone


Villa *HB – blackberries, Coast (Coast soap type) & green tea


Vintage Tea Cups *HB – freesia & Tea and Cakes


Violet Drama *HB – orange, Juicy Fruit & violets


Violet Morning - violet, vanilla, sandalwood & vetiver


Violet, You're Turning Violet, Violet *HB - violet & herbal lavender


Visions of Sugar Plums *cc - sugar plums, cupcakes at tiffany’s & cotton candy frosting


Vitamin Sea *cc – salty sea sir, cotton candy & honeydew melon


Vixen *HB - waffle cone, huckleberries, creamy vanilla, confectioners’ sugar & fresh coconut


VSCO Girl * HB - cotton sheets, pink chiffon & wood sage and sea salt




Warm Apple Cupcakes - apples smothered in butter, cream & cinnamon with Cupcakes at Tiffany's


Warm Apple Cinnamon Sweet Rolls * HB - apple pie, fresh baked bread & cinnamon buns


Warm Home *HB - spiced chai tea & warm vanilla sugar


Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat *HB - lemon, orange, raspberry, florals, vanilla oak moss, tonka bean (Luna type) & cotton sheets


Wash Your Blues Away *HB - blueberry, plum & shaving cream


Washed Dreams - So White type (notes of orange, citrus, apple, rose, bergamot and neroli) & Orange Zest


Water Babies *HB - Coppertone type, lavender, chamomile, coconut & Fresh Cut Grass


Watermelon Crawl *cc – Watermelon Fizz (watermelon & fizzy pop), strawberry, lime & coconut


Watermelon Fizz *HB – sweet watermelon & fizzy pop


Watermelon Taffy * HB – sweet watermelon & saltwater taffy


We are Santa’s Elves *cc – snickerdoodles. sugar cookie dough & creamy eggnog


Welcome to Florida *cc – pineapple slushy, coconut & salty sea air, satsuma & fizzy pop


Well I’ll Be Jammed *cc - strawberry jam, sugar cookie, sugar cookie dough, fluffy marshmallow & zucchini bread


We're All Mad Here (Scentsy type) - cherry frosted graham crackers & cupcakes


Whale, Hello There *cc – blueberry slushy, cotton candy frosting & a pinch of salty sea air


What a Day for a Daydream *HB – passionfruit, cream soda & violets


Whimsy ( Lush Jumping Juniper type) - lavender, rosemary, lemon, lime, & juniper berry


Whistling Watermelon Taffy * HB -


White Chocolate Candy Cane - candy canes dipped in white chocolate


White Clouds - fresh and clean with bergamot, geranium, violet & precious woods


White Wash * HB - cotton sheets with chamomile green tea


Wicked *HB - pumpkin pecan waffle, pumpkin pie crunch, lavender, macintosh apple & toasted marshmallow


Wicked Cider - Apple cider, vanilla pumpkin marshmallow, boozy bites Wicked Web - lemonade, watermelon & sugared lollipops


Wicked Web - lemonade, watermelon & sugared lollipops


Wild Beaches *cc – marshmallow fireside, graham cracker, salty sea air, blackberry & marshmallow fluff


Wild Woods *cc - blackberry, Egyptian musk & magnolia blossoms


Wilzaberry Cupcake *HB - wild berries, Rice Krispie Treats & cupcake


Winchester Manor *HB – apple pie, blueberry cobbler & funnel cake


Wine Cellar – mulled cider, fresh figs & cedar wood


Winter (BBW type) - orange, fir needle & clove


Winter Candy Apple (BBW type) - a cheerful blend of ruby red apple, winter rose petals and candied orange, drizzled with crisp maple & cinnamon


Winter Carnival *cc – candy cane, cotton candy, vanilla waffle cone & Frosted Circus Cookies


Winter Chalet *cc – Frasier fir, spiced cranberry, Marshmallow Fireside & peppermint


Winter Mint - vanilla cool mint


Winter Scapes - berries, plum, cinnamon leaf & Winter type


Winter Song *HB - oranges, clove, fir needles, vanilla bean noel, spiced cranberry & peppermint


Winters Night *cc - cedar, balsam & Winter (orange, fir needles & clove)


Winter Woodlands – vanilla bean noel, pine cones, cinnamon sticks & white birch


Winter Wonderland - Winter type, buttermint & Palo Santo


Wipe Out *HB - Coppertone type, salty sea air & cotton sheets


Wish It *HB- Fruit Loops, mac apple & Mexican Fried ice cream


Witches & Warlocks *HB – palo santo & herbal lavender


Witch's Night *HB - blackberry, lavender, vanilla bean noel & sage


Wood Sage & Sea Salt - Himalayan Sea Salt is complimented with crushed sage & Oud Wood


Wood Smoke & Candy *HB - woodsmoke, spearmint leaves & cotton candy


Woolen Blanket - aromatic rosewood and cedar with spicy clove, vetiver & dark amber




XOXOXO *HB - lavender marshmallow, American Cream type & fresh linen




Yellow Polka Dot Bikini *HB - bubble gum, grapefruit & Copper Coconut


Yoga in the Park *HB - pink sugar, violets, & Fresh Cut Grass


You Can't Sit With Us - fizzy pop & watermelon


You Go Glen Coco *HB – cranberry, raspberry & pineapple


You Had Me at Tea & Cakes *HB - Tea and Cakes & Pumpkin Pecan Waffles


You Need to Calm Down *cc – blue raspberry slushy, blonde moment & lime freeze


You Spin Me Right Round *HB - citrus basil & cotton sheets


You're Like Really Pretty *HB - raspberry watermelon lemonade


Yum Yum - strawberry shortcake, vanilla cake pops, milk & cookies


Yuletide - buttery brown sugar, sweet caramel, cotton candy & warm vanilla musk


Yuzu and Cream *HB - Yuzu (top notes of mandarin, tangerine, lemon, satsuma, ruby red grapefruit; middle notes of bergamot with base notes of oak moss) & Vanilla Bean


Yuzu, White Tea, Wood Sage & Sea Salt *cc




Zombie Cookies *HB - zucchini bread, cookie dough & sugar cookies


Zombie Land *HB - toasted marshmallows, pumpkin pie crunch & zucchini bread


Zucchini Bread - fresh baked zucchini bread with hints of almond, sugar & spices


Zucchini Dream Blackberry Cream *HB - zucchini bread, blackberry jam butter cookie and cream cheese frosting


Zucchini Noel * HB - zucchini bread & vanilla bean noel


Zuuberry Bash *cc – BooBerry cereal, birthday cheesecake, pie crust & zucchini bread