Scent List & Descriptions L-R



Lake Adventure – fresh air, crisp water, mossy cedarwood, vanilla amber musk with a hint of pine & green apples


Lady Tremaine *HB - lemongrass & cotton sheets


Lavender - smells like true lavender and finished with blooming lilac

Lavender Bergamot Grapefruit *HB


Lavender Cucumber -


Lavender Days * HB - lavender fields, lime & fluffy marshmallows


Lavender Fields Forever - fields of blooming French lavender


Lavender Fizz *HB- lavender & fizzy pop


Lavender Frosted Circus Cookies *HB - lavender marshmallow (less sweet) with frosted circus cookies


Lavender Grapefruit * HB


Lavender Latte – fresh coffee, coconut milk, honey, sweet lavender & vanilla


Lavender Lemon Pound Cake *HB -


Lavender Lemon Shortbread - lemon zest, crushed lavender & sweet orange with maple butter & vanilla shortbread dough


Lavender Lemon Tea *HB - lavender, lemon slices & tea Lavender


Lavender Lines *HB - lavender fields & cotton sheets


Lavender Marshmallow Birthday Cake *cc - lavender marshmallow & birthday cake


Lavender Marshmallow Frosted Circus Cookies - lavender marshmallow {not as sweet} with frosted circus cookies


Lavender Mist *HB- lavender, sage, chamomile, rosemary & cedar


Lavender Mojito *HB -


Lavender Sugar Cookie *HB -


Lazy Loo Loo *HB - lavender flowers with spearmint marshmallows


Leave No Crumbs - Spiced apples & peaches, pie crust, donut shop


Leaves (BBW Type) – dried apple peel, fresh cinnamon, allspice, clove, Vermont Maple


Lemonade Bar – pomegranate lemonade, pink lemonade sparkles & lemonade soda


Lemonade Soda * HB - tart lemonade & fizzy pop (also called Lemonade Fizz)


Lemon Blackberry Cream Cheese Muffins *HB - lemon poppy seed muffin, blackberry & cream cheese


Lemon Cream Zucchini Cake *HB – lemon cream, zucchini bread & buttercream cupcakes


Lemon Curd Angel Food Cake *HB - luscious lemon curd & Angel Food Cake


Lemon Custard Tea & Cakes *HB -


Lemon Frosted Coconut Sugar Cookies *HB – lemon buttercream, Frosted Circus Cookies & coconut


Lemon Frosted Circus Cookies *HB - lemon buttercream with Frosted Circus Cookies


Lemon Huckleberry Twist *HB - huckleberry, lemon curd & funnel cakes


Lemon Limeade Italian Cream Soda *HB -


Lemon Loops *HB - Fruit Loops, lemon curd & sugar milk


Lemon Mint – peppermint & lemon balm


Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin - a lovely bakery-like combination of lemon peel zest, sugar cane, fluffy Angel Food Cake, butter, nutty poppy seeds & vanilla extract


Lemon Pumpkin Cookie *HB


Lemony's Laundry - Lemony Snicket with a light citrus laundry


Lemony Snicket *HB -Avobath type, lemon curd & candy floss


Library - teak wood, cedar, leather, sandalwood dark musk & patchouli                        


Lime, Basil & Mandarin - An intricate blend of Italian mandarin accented with juicy lime & herbaceous earthy basil accords


Lime Freeze Summer Sorbet * HB - Summer Sorbet, Lime Freeze & cream soda


Lime Lemonade *HB -


Lime Soda * HB – fizzy pop & lime


Little House *HB - gingerbread, glazed donuts, pie crust & Zucchini Bread


Little Jack Horner *HB- plum & graham crackers


Little Pink Houses * HB- clean cotton, pink berries & tonka


Loads of Violets *HB- violets, vanilla bean noel, cotton sheets


Local Bakery - Old town bake shoppe, cranberry pumpkin, sugar cookie


Locals Only *HB- Coppertone type, Coconut Blast, passion flowers & Acai Berry


Lock, Shock and Barrel *HB- Cider Lane, Pumpkin Cheesecake with Marshmallow Fireside


Lola *HB- Rosemary & Mint Lemonade combined with Gain Island Fresh


Lollipops - sticky sweet goodness of tart citrus and juicy fruits


London Tea & Lemon (BBW type) – fresh brewed tea with zesty lemon


Long December *HB- peppermint & marshmallows


Looking Glass *HB- coconut milk, woodsmoke & clean cotton


Loopy Blueberry Crunch *HB- Fruit Loops, Mexican Fried ice cream, blueberry jam &

waffle cones


Loopy Raspberry Zing Sugar Cookie Bomb *HB- Fruit Loops, Raspberry Zingers, Vanilla Wafer & Sugar Cookie


Lord of Misrule (Lush type) - a blend of rich patchouli, warm sandalwood with citrus, vetiver, and black pepper


Love at First Bite *cc – fresh picked strawberries, green apple & Cupcake at Tiffany’s


Love in the Air *HB - fresh linen, citrus basil & bedtime bath


Love Notes *HB - passion flower, Juicy Fruit & Acai Berries


Love Story *HB - Blue Sugar, pink sugar, shaving cream & lavender


Lovely Girl *HB – yuzu and cocoa, lavender fields & vanilla wafers


Lovin’ From the Oven *HB - Italian cream cake, berry cobbler & lemon sugar                      


Luau Punch *cc – cherry slushy, Blue Hawaiian, pina colada, satsuma & cotton candy skies


Lucky Lemons *HB - lemon curd, buttercream & cotton candy


Lucy *HB – lime & cotton candy


Luna - jasmine, sweet pea, peppery freesia, golden amber, berries & sandalwood


Luscious Grape Bubble Gum *HB


Lush Cocktail – Twilight type, Olive Branch, American Cream & a bit of Lord of Misrule


Lush Cocktail & Spun Sugar Vanilla Bean *cc - Twilight, Olive Branch, American Cream, a bit of Lord of Misrule & spun sugar vanilla bean


Lush Linen - ozone, lemon, linen, white tea & sandalwood


Lush Palo *HB – palo santo patchouli, lush linen & vanilla bean noel


Lydia *HB - Apple Harvest, Coconut Milk & Lavender Fields Forever




Macintosh Apple Cake *HB – right from the tree, crisp macintosh apple with birthday cake


Magic in the Air - almond flower, white iris, whipped vanilla bourbon


Magic in the Hamptons *HB - Blonde Moment (raspberries, cranberries & crisp champagne) & Magic in the Air type


Magic Spells – Love Spell type with fresh pear


Makin' Waves *HB - satsuma & salty sea air


Making Big Waves *cc – satsuma & salty sea air with coconut lime verbena


Making Spirits Bright *cc - fresh peach, blackberry juice & vanilla lace


Maleficent *HB - marshmallow fluff, mac apple, Mt. Dew, & blackberries


Man in the Moon *HB - lavender, cedar leaf, Flannel Sheets & salty sea air


Mango Peach Bellini * HB - mango peach salsa, coconut cream & fizzy pop


Mango Peach Colada *HB - Coconut Milk & mango peach salsa


Margarita Cake Batter *HB - Frozen Margarita & rich cake batter


Marmalade *HB - strawberries, grapefruit & oranges


Marshmallow Cereal Bar - heavy on the gooey marshmallows with fruity pebbles


Marshmallow Cherry Blossom *HB - Japanese Cherry Blossom & Marshmallow Fluff


Marshmallow Coconut *HB – fluffy marshmallows combined with delicious coconut


Marshmallow Kisses *HB - fluffy marshmallows, pink sugar & cotton candy frosting


Marshmallow Lime *HB - Vanilla Bean Noel, lime & marshmallows


Marshmallow Fireside (BBW type) - Toasted Marshmallow, Vanilla Cream & Smoldering Woods


Marshmallow Oasis *HB - Coconut Coast, pineapple, orange peel & fluffy marshmallows


Masked Jack *HB - mac apple & pumpkin cheesecake


Meadows * HB - lavender fields, tonka, oud, cedar & thyme


Meet Me at the Cabin *HB - Barn Wood, balsam, cedar & cotton sheets


Melissa *HB - Coconut Milk, Honey Dew melon, lemon & watermelon


Melon Kiss *HB – Honey Dew melon, raspberries, Saltwater Taffy & frosting


Melon Margarita *HB - watermelon, honeydew melon & margarita


Mermaid Cake *HB - Rainbow Sherbet, vanilla buttercream & lavender


Mermaid Cocktail *cc – Blue Hawaiian, watermelon & pink lemonade


Mermaid Escapades *HB - oceanside, pink sugar & ribbon candy


Mermaid Slushy *cc – Blue Hawaiian, cherry slushy & cotton candy frosting


Merry Cherry Christmas *HB - Bing cherries, cake batter ice cream & scone dough


Merry Go Round – watermelon, lollipops & blackberry juice


Merry Grinchmas – Pistachio Dream Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting & maraschino cherries with red and green sprinkles


Meteor Shower *HB - Bay Rum, Flannel Sheets & Vanilla Bean Noel


Meyer Lemon - juicy sliced lemons & sugar


Midnight *HB – amber and oud, palo santo & vanilla lace


Midnight Beach Walk *HB – lavender, pear & copper coconut


Milk & Cookies - warm vanilla cookies & sweet cream


Mint Chocolate Chip Trifle *HB - Angel Food Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip & Cream Cheese Frosting


Mintmallow *cc – spearmint, marshmallow, tonka bean & pink sugar


Minty Fresh Bubble Gum *HB - bubble gum & candy canes


Miss Sunshine *HB – cotton candy frosting with creamy bergamot candy (sultana type)


Misty Marina *HB - gingered lime, salty sea air & beachwood


Moaning Myrtle *HB - blackberry cider donut & vanilla bean noel


Molly *HB - cotton candy & lollipops


Moment in Time – grape, strawberry & coconut sorbet


Monster Mash *HB – Booberry cereal, salt water taffy, frosted graham crackers & buttercream icing


Moody Blues *HB - blueberries, bubble gum & gooey marshmallows


Moonless *HB - black cedarwood & juniper with chamomile flowers


Moon Shadow - jasmine tea & sandalwood


Morning Stroll *HB - lemongrass, lollipops & Fresh Cut Grass


Mother Gothel *HB - pink sugar, lime & fizzy pop


Mr. Claus's Closet *HB - cotton sheets, Fruit Loops & a smidgen of festive pine


Mr. Grinch - cinnamon toast, apple pie filling & whipped cream


Mulled Cider - cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange zest, lemon peel & tart berries




Nature *HB - violets, cedar and thyme, ozone, camphor, citrus, berries & juniper


Nantucket *HB - blackberry, fried ice cream, waffle cone & salty sea air


Neverland – clean, fresh floral with jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, sweet vanilla & earthy notes


Newport *HB - saltwater taffy and salty sea air


Newport Peaches *HB - Newport (saltwater taffy & salty sea air) & Fresh Peaches


Nightfall *HB - Lord of Misrule type, Garden Dirt, Wood Smoke & Lavender Flowers


Nightswimming *HB - amber, vetiver, lime, honey & musk


Nilla Mint - wintergreen, peppermint & vanilla


Nom, Nom, Nom *HB - milk & cookies with zucchini bread


Northern Backwoods *HB - By the Campfire, palo santo & oud wood


Nordic Balsam - arctic air, mountain heather, cedar wood, Norwegian balsam, amber & oak moss


North Pole type – peppermint & sweet buttercream


Not a Creature was Stirring *cc – Flannel Sheets, balsam, peppermint & lavender


No Tan Lines - Jamaican Me Crazy, gold sugar & swedish dream salt


Notorious *HB - pipe smoke, blackberry & saltwater taffy


November *HB - Winter Candy Apple type, woodsmoke, white birch & vanilla




Oasis Tea *HB - apricot, bartlett pear & white tea


Oatmeal Berries & Cream Sugar Cookie *HB


Oatmeal Pumpkin Bars - vanilla pumpkin marshmallow, oatmeal cookies & icing


Oceana *HB - Beach Wood, Sea Salt & Ocean Moss


Oceanfront *cc – yuzu, white tea, wood sage & sea salt


Ocean Waters - Sea Salt & Ocean Moss


October *HB - Apple Harvest, Leaves & Marshmallow Fireside


Oh Christmas Tree - festive holiday pine


Old Fashioned Root Beer Float - root beer, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon & clove


Old Town Bake Shoppe - buttery vanilla, fresh dough & sugared almonds


Olive Branch (Lush type) - bright citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, leafy olive branches sweetened with vanilla & musk


Olive (the other reindeer) *HB - Apple Pie Filling, Royal Frosting, Cheesecake Filling & Sugar Cookie


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink *HB - pink sugar, bergamot & grapefruit


Ooh La La *HB - cotton sheets, sugar crystals & pink cotton candy


Open Windows - winter linen, Green Clover & Aloe with Baby Grace type


Orange Baguette *HB - Fresh Baguette, Orange Cream Frosting, Creamy Vanilla, confectioners’ sugar & fresh coconut


Orange Clementine Iced White Tea *HB - clementine oranges & white tea


Orange Cream Bubble Gum *HB -


Orange Dream Angel Food Cake *HB - oranges, sweet cream & Angel Food Cake


Orange Juice Cake - orange juice mixed into buttery cake


Orange Julius - orange sherbet, orange juice, sugar milk & whipped cream


Orange You Glad – orange sherbet, cotton candy & pink stiletto


Orange Sherbet - sweet orange & creamy vanilla


Orange Sherbet Frosted Circus Cookies *HB – orange sherbet combined with Frosted Circus Cookies


Oregon Backwoods * HB - lavender, Cannabis flowers & Fresh Cut Grass


Outdoor Concert *HB - Black Cedar Wood, Juniper, Cannabis Flower & Fresh Cut Grass


Out of the Blue *HB - blueberries & green apple cake


Overcast *HB - Rain Barrel & Gain Island Fresh


Overlook Hotel *HB – leaves, pipe smoke & bourbon


Oxford Library - library with bourbon & leather




Paradise Glow *HB - lemongrass, sage & Gain Island Fresh


Pass the Sangria - grape, orange, lemon lime, apple, pomegranate, blackberries & sugar


Peace *HB - spearmint, lavender, eucalyptus & Fresh Cut Grass


Peach Glow *HB – tangerine gelato, just peachy & birthday cake


Peach of Pie *HB - pie crust, vanilla, peach & whipped cream


Peach on the Beach *cc - just peachy, peach & frozen margarita


Peaches & Cream Cake *cc – peaches, cake bake, cotton candy & vanilla bean noel


Peaches & Cream Frosted Circus Cookies - peaches & cream with frosted circus cookies


Peaches & Sunflowers *HB


Peachy Clean *HB - honey, Vanilla Musk, sweet caramel & Juicy Peach


Peachy Summer Sorbet *HB - juicy peach, sugar cookie & summer sorbet


Peanut Butter Cookies - warm nutty peanut butter with cookie dough


Peanut Butter Frosted Circus Cookies - peanut butter cookies with frosted circus cookies


Peanut Butter Mocha *HB - peanut butter cookie and coffee with a touch of chocolate & whipped cream


Peanut Butter Zucchini Cake *HB - peanut butter cookies, zucchini bread & birthday cake


Pearfection * HB - pears, spun sugar & shaving cream


Pear Flair *HB - Blue Cotton Candy, pear & cola


Pear Soda *cc - fizzy pop with crisp pears


Pecan Pie - butter, brown sugared toasted pecans & pie crust


Peppered Poppies - top notes of pomegranate and orange swirling around cinnamon, clove and cocoa sprinkled cherry blossoms with a touch of vanilla & mint


Peppermint Candy Cane -


Peppermint Clouds *HB - peppermint, Vanilla Wafer Cookie, vanilla bean noel & Fluffy Marshmallows


Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows *HB -


Peppermint Mocha *HB - peppermint, dark chocolate, coffee & Vanilla Whipped Cream


Peppermint Pear Iced White Tea *HB - Juicy pears, peppermint leaves with white tea


Peppermint, Pine & Sugar Cookies *cc


Peppermint Taffy * HB -


Peppermint Twists – sugar cookie dough, crushed pretzels, white chocolate morsels & peppermint bits


Perfectly Peach Taffy *HB -


Perfectly Pear *HB - fizzy pop, pear & fluffy marshmallows


Petrified *HB - crackling sandalwood, chestnuts, vetiver & cedar


Philocalist (to be a lover of all things beautiful) *HB - Whimsy (Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon, Lime, and Juniper (Jumping Juniper Type) Clean Cotton & SPF Coppertone


Piano Room *HB - tobacco caramel with pipe smoke & vanilla bean noel


Picnic Blanket * HB - pear, cotton candy, vanilla, cherry & Fresh Cut Grass


Pinch Me – Fresh Cut Grass, Irish Linen & Green Clover and Aloe


Pineapple Banana Margarita *HB -


Pineapple Coconut Cream Italian Cream Soda *HB -


Pineapple Fluff Tea & Cakes *HB -


Pineapple Skies - pineapple whip, cotton candy skies & blackberry juice


Pineapple Upside Down Cake * HB - pineapple & cake bake


Pineapple Willy *cc – pineapple slushy, coconut & salty sea air


Pink Clouds *HB - buttercream, cotton candy & marshmallow fluff


Pink Cotton Candy Margarita *HB


Pink Elephant Gift Exchange – sugar cookies, vanilla ice cream, sugared strawberries & candy canes


Pink Fizzy Angel Food Cake *HB- fizzy pink lemonade & Angel Food Cake


Pink Flamingo *HB- Pink Sands (type) & Coconut Coast


Pink Grapefruit Sugar Cookie * HB -


Pink Lemonade Frozen Lime Margarita *HB - lemon accord, raspberries, sweet lime, juicy orange & tangy tequila


Pink Lemonade Ice Cream *HB- pink lemonade, ice cream, waffle cone


Pink Lemonade Sparkles *HB - pink lemonade, cotton candy, fizzy pop


Pink Lime – lime, dew fruit, peach, orange, apple & mandarin with lily, berries, jasmine &

lavender that fold into a sandalwood, raspberry, vanilla & coconut musk base


Pink Pear Coconut Milk *HB- pink sugar, Bartlett Pear and Coconut Milk


Pink Peppermint – pink sugar & peppermint


Pink Silhouette - pink lemonade, whipped cream & graham cracker crust


Pink Sugar Cookie - sugar cookies with pink frosting & sprinkles


Pink Sugar, Lavender Marshmallow & Love Spell *cc


Pink Tinsel *HB - pear, cotton candy, vanilla, cherry and pink sugar


Pink Towels *HB - Coconut Milk, Honey I Washed the Kids type, & Barber Shop 1920s


Pink Velvet *HB - 7-Up Pound Cake, fresh strawberry & cotton candy frosting

Pipe Tobacco - tobacco leaf, sweet honey, smoky cedar wood, cherry wood & vanilla bean


Pirate Jack - black currants, saffron, Absinthe, blackberries, anise & amber


Pirate's Daughter (Alien type) - melon, mandarin, orange blossom and star jasmine on woody vanilla musk


Pistachio Cherry Danish *HB - pistachio pudding cake with cherry danish


Pistachio Funnel Cake *HB – pistachio cake & funnel cake


Pistachio Ice Cream Pie *HB - Pistachio Ice Cream, Vanilla & Pie Crust


Pistachio Marshmallow Macaron *HB - Pistachio Macaron, Toasted Marshmallow & vanilla wafers


Pistachio Noel *HB - Pistachio Macaroon & vanilla bean noel


Pistachio Party *HB - Pie Crust, Pistachio Pudding, Angel Food Cake & fluffy marshmallows


Pistachio Sugar Cookie *HB -


Pistachio Zucchini Macaroon *HB -


Pixie Pink Taffy *HB -


Pixie Potion *HB- bergamot, pink lemonade & grapefruit


Pixies * HB- cotton candy, serendipity and Snow Fairy type


Plumberry Dew * HB- blackberries, plum & Mt. Dew


Plum Candy *HB - plum, cotton candy & brown sugar


Plum Cashmere – plum, black cherry, citrus & light vanilla mush


Plum Cream Frosted Circus Cookies - plum ice cream with frosted circus cookies


Plum Garden - Mirabella Plum , pink apple peel, fresh pineapple, leafy green primrose, strawberry and raspberry jam with a touch of shredded coconut


Plum Rain *HB - salty sea air, plum & fresh rain


Poetry *HB - Sugary Lollipops, Pink Sugar & Pomegranate


Poison Punch *cc - strawberry, lime, cranberry, cotton Candy & fizz


Poltergeist *HB - huckleberry, Fruit Loops & cake batter


Pomegranate Cider *cc - pomegranate and fresh juicy apples with warm spice


Pomegranate Cotton Candy *HB -


Pomegranate Lemonade *HB


Poolside *HB - swimming pool type, lime margarita & suntan lotion


Pop Rocks *HB – pineapple, pear & pop rock candy


Popsicles *HB - orange slushy, cherry, fizzy pop & dreamsicle


Poseidon * HB - salty sea air & plum bourbon


Pralines & Cream - sticky candied pralines in sweet vanilla ice cream


Prancer * HB- Lemon Curd, Cranberry Frosting, Cake Batter, Creamy Vanilla, Confectioners’ Sugar & Fresh Coconut


Prettier in Pink *cc – pink sugar cookie & strawberry pound cake


Princess Party *HB - raspberry jam, buttercream cupcakes & pink sugar


Psycho *HB - birthday cake & oak barrel cider


Pucker Up *HB - watermelon, lime & pink sugar


Pucker Up Pinkie *cc – Pucker Up (watermelon, lime & pink sugar) & pink lemonade


Pulled Taffy Cone Summer Sorbet *HB - pulled taffy, waffle cone & summer sorbet


Pumpkin Chai Cookies - pumpkin sugar donuts, spiced chai, cookie dough


Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccino - pumpkin cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, cappuccino latte, graham cracker crumbs


Pumpkin Crunch Gingerbread *cc – pumpkin pie crunch & gingerbread


Pumpkin Crunch Noel *HB - Pumpkin Pie, Sugar Cookie Crunch & vanilla bean noel


Pumpkin Cupcakes - Cupcakes at Tiffany's with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll


Pumpkin Donut Latte - pumpkin sugared donut, cappuccino latte, whipped cream


Pumpkin Dream - coconut pumpkin cream & pumpkin cupcakes


Pumpkin Head Harvey *HB


Pumpkin Kisses Harvest Wishes - Autumn in the park, white pumpkin lilac, vanilla pumpkin marshmallow


Pumpkin Latte with Sprinkles *HB - Pumpkin Pecan, coffee, marshmallow fluff


Pumpkin Mint - pumpkin pecan waffles, glazed donuts & candy cane


Pumpkin Pecan Frosted Circus Cookies - pumpkin pecan waffles with frosted circus cookies


Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - warm waffles topped with pumpkin maple syrup, sweet butter and pecans


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle - snickerdoodle & pumpkin sugar cookie


Pumpkin Sugared Donuts - fresh pumpkin donuts sprinkled with cinnamon & spice


Pumpkin to Talk About *HB – toasted marshmallow with white pumpkin lilac & cinnamon chai


Purple Daze – Grape Airheads, Trix cereal & Bippidy Bobbidy Boo




Queen for a Day – strawberry pound cake, blackberry juice & cake batter fudge


Queen Grimhilde *HB - Sugared Marshmallows & Caramel Apples




Rainbow Donuts *HB - Jelly Donut, Fruit Loops & fluffy marshmallows


Rainbows *HB - Rainbow Sherbet, Peaches, Apricots & Blueberries


Rainbow Serenade *HB - rainbow sherbet with gooey marshmallows & salt water taffy


Ralphie’s Pink Bunny Pj’s *cc - tangerine, sweet cranberry & cotton candy frosting


Raspberry Cosmo Tea *HB - crushed raspberries & vanilla bean tea


Raspberry Cream Donuts - tart raspberry, creamy vanilla & glazed donuts


Raspberry Cream Taffy - boardwalk taffy & raspberry sugar


Raspberry Crush *HB - crushed raspberries, whipped cream & Toasted Marshmallows


Raspberry Jelly Glazed Donut *HB -


Raspberry Lemonade Iced White Tea *HB - sweet raspberry lemonade with white tea


Raspberry Lemonade Pound Cake * HB- lemonade and tart raspberries in a heavy pound cake


Raspberry Peach Sugar Cone * HB – raspberry & peach with vanilla sugar cone


Raspberry Peach Sugar Crisps – raspberry sugar, just peachy, & pizzelle


Raspberry Pumpkin Donuts - raspberry sugar, sugar cookie & pumpkin sugared donuts


Raspberry Ripple - crushed raspberry, lemon sugar & blue raspberry slushie


Raspberry Swirl *HB - lemon cream raspberry swirl & sugar cookie


Raspberry Truffle Latte *HB - raspberry truffles with rich coffee


Razz Ma Tazz *cc - oatmeal, vanilla milk & honey with raspberries & lemonade


Recharge *HB - bergamot, grapefruit & orange peel


Redwood Forest - red cedar, fir needles, fresh thyme & wild citrus


Red Plum Caramel Corn - caramel corn & red plum baklava


Red Saffron - red saffron, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar musk & vanilla


Reindeer Cupcakes- Cupcakes at Tiffany’s with cranberry plum icing


Reindeer Games *HB - confetti cake pop tarts, vanilla cake pops & rainbow sherbet


Relax *HB - lemongrass, black currant, jasmine, patchouli and sugar cane, pink sands & shaving cream


Rich Blackberry Ice Cream Cone *HB - creamy blackberry vanilla ice cream & waffle cone


Riddle Me That *HB - pineapple slushy, Fruit Loops & blueberry


Right as Rain *HB – blackberry, lavender & pink sugar


Riptide *HB - peach, salty sea air & coconut


Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree- festive pine


Rockin' Raspberry *HB – raspberry, Pop Rocks Candy & cola


Rootbeer Waffle Cone Float *HB - Rootbeer, Waffle Cone & Ice Cream


Rosabella *HB - Violet Rose


Rose Linen *HB - rosewood, fresh linen & musk


Rosemary Mint Cotton *HB - rosemary, mint leaves & clean cotton


Rudolph *cc - maraschino cherries, hot chocolate & white cake


Rustic Lavender *HB - lavender, white sage & oud wood