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Ultimate Triple Layered Loaves with Embeds PO 9/27-10/4

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💛Our Fall/Winter preorder starts Monday September 27th at 6;00pm ET. The preorder will remain open until Monday October 4th at midnight ET (unless I reach my maximum work capabilities)

💛Turn around time 6-8 weeks
💛Triple Layered Loaves with Embeds approx 14-15 oz


🥖Old Town Bake Shoppe:

*Local Bakery -Old town bake shoppe, cranberry pumpkin, sugar cookie

*OldTown Bake Shop - buttery vanilla, fresh dough, sugared almonds

*Bake Off -Old town bake shoppe, blackberry jam butter cookie, vanilla pumpkin marshmallow

💜Autumn Blackberry:

*Harvest Cider -Farmhouse cider, blackberry, Graham cracker

*Blackberry -ripe, juicy blackberries

*Malificent -Marshmallow Fluff, Mac Apple, Mt. Dew, Blackberries

🍎Apple Cider:

*Halloween Town -Apple cider, donut shop, zucchini bread

*Apple Cider -juicy apples with a hint of spice

*Wicked Cider -Apple cider, vanilla pumpkin marshmallow, boozy bites

🏕Fall Camp Trip with the Boyfriend:

*Instagram Boyfriend -The perfect autumn, flannel

*Boyfriend Builds a Bonfire -marshmallow fireside & flannel type

*Boyfriend's Flannel- Woodsmoke, Palo Santo & Flannel

🍂Autumn in the Park:

*Pumpkin Kisses Harvest Wishes -Autumn in the park, white pumpkin lilac, vanilla pumpkin marshmallow

*Autumn in the Park -fresh peeled apples & crisp fall leaves

*As the Leaves Turn- Autumn in the Park, woodsmoke, leaves

🎪Frosted Circus Cookies for Fall:

*Apple Cider Frosted Circus Cookies -apple cider with frosted circus cookies

*Frosted Circus Cookies- crunchy butter cookies with pink & white frosting & sprinkles

*Plum Cream Frosted Circus Cookies -plum ice cream with frosted circus cookies

🫐Blueberry Maple Pancakes :

*Berried Treasure -Blueberry maple pancakes, zucchini bread, fluffy marshmallow

*Blueberry Maple Pancakes -juicy blueberries & hot pancakes smothered in warm maple syrup

*Breakfast Food Truck -Blueberry Maple Pancakes, fried ice cream & whipped cream

☕️Cozy Coffee:

*Apple Crisp Macchiato- apple pie filling, brown sugar, cappuccino latte, caramel apple

*Cappuccino Latte - rich roasted coffee with hints of cream & spice

*Pumpkin Donut Latte - pumpkin sugared donut, cappuccino latte, whipped cream


*Ice Skating in the Park cc- sweater weather, vanilla bean noel, plum & spearmint

*Lazy Loo Loo -Lavender Flowers with Spearmint Marshmallows

*Camp Crystal Lake -Blue Cotton Candy Spearmint

❄️Winter Marshmallow Fireside:

*Sleigh Ride cc- spiced orange cider, cinnamon sticks, evergreen trees & marshmallow fireside

*Marshmallow Fireside -Toasted Marshmallow, Vanilla Cream, Smoldering Woods

*The Stockings were Hung cc- balsam & cedar, mac apple, frasier fir & marshmallow fireside

🍷Autumn Sangria:

*Cranberry Citrus Soda - fizzy pop with cranberry citrus

*Apple Cider Soda -fizzy pop with apple cider

*Pear Soda -fizzy pop with crisp pears

🌲Frasier Fir:

*Winter Chalet -frasier fir, spiced cranberry, marshmallow fireside & peppermint

*Frasier Fir -thymes type - true Christmas pine tree scent

*Island of Misfit Toys -buttermints, sugar cookies, campfire marshmallow & fir


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