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Ultimate Triple Layered Loaf

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Our Spring Ultimate Loaf and Individual Blend Bitty Loaf preorder starts Thursday, February 25th at 1:00pm ET. The preorder will remain open until Thursday, March 4th at midnight ET (unless I reach my maximum work capabilities)

💛Turn around time 6-8 weeks
💛Loaves approx 13oz


Scent List:

🍊 Ultimate Orange Sherbet:

*Orange You Glad (orange sherbet, cotton candy & pink stiletto)

*Orange Julius (orange sherbet, orange juice, sugar milk & whipped cream)

*Gold Mine (orange sherbet, lemon cream, oranges & vanilla wafers)

🌊 Ultimate Salty Sea Air:

*Makin’ Waves (satsuma & salty sea air)

*Newport (Saltwater Taffy and Salty Sea Air)

*Riptide (Peach, Salty Sea Air & Coconut)

🧺Ultimate Clean:

*VSCO Girl (baggy t-shirts, velvet scrunchies & a hydro flask)

*XOXOXO (lavender marshmallow, American cream type & fresh linen)

*Fluffy Towels (fresh, clean towels, warm from the dryer)

🎡Ultimate Cotton Candy:

*Abby (raspberry, lemonade & cotton candy)

*Chloe (rainbow sherbet & cotton candy)

*Lucy (lime & cotton candy)

*Molly (lollipops & cotton candy)

🍓Ultimate Strawberry Poundcake

*Don’t Worry Be Happy (strawberry poundcake with sweet, lavender marshmallow)

*Strawberry Overload (strawberry poundcake, strawberry milk & spun sugar vanilla bean)

*Queen for a Day (strawberry poundcake, blackberry juice & cake batter fudge)

🎪 Ultimate Summer Frosted Circus Cookies:

*Strawberry Guava Frosted Circus Cookies (strawberry guava with frosted circus cookies)

*Passion Fruit Frosted Circus Cookies (passionfruit with frosted circus cookies)

*Bahama Mama Frosted Circus Cookies (oranges, nectarines, mango's, lemon and lime blended with pineapple & coconut with frosted circus cookies)

🍬Ultimate Mint


*Winter Mint (vanilla with cool mint)


🏖 Ultimate Beachy

*Beach Life (salty sea air, shaving cream & fresh cut grass)

*Beach Blankets (cotton sheets & salty sea air)

*Beach Fairy ( pink sugar and copper coconut)

👶 Ultimate Baby

*Baby Clouds (white clouds with Baby Magic type & pink sugar)

*Beach Baby (baby magic, baby powder & ocean)

*Summer Baby (Baby Powder, Sunflowers & Ylang Ylang)

💚Ultimate Lime

*Electric Lime ( Lime, Strawberry, Coconut, Fizzy Pop)

*Lime Freeze Summer Sorbet (summer sorbet, lime freeze & cream soda)

*B*tches Love Fizz (strawberry, lime & cotton candy fizz)

💜Ultimate Lavender:

*Soft & Sleepy (Gain Island Fresh, Salty Sea Air and Lavender)

*Calming Dreams (violets, lavender, peppermint, vanilla bean noel)

*Lavender Lines (Lavender fields & cotton sheets)

🍒 Cherry:

*Cherry Pear Sparkler (Satsuma, Fizzy Pop, Cherries and Pear)

*Cherry Slushy Dew (Cherry Slushy and Mt. Dew)

*Cherry Champagne (fresh cherries floating in crisp champagne)


*Blackberry Wishes (blackberry, satsuma, marshmallow fluff & waffle cone)

*Beach Boardwalk (blackberry, waffle cone and graham cracker)

*Blackberry Clementine Granita (blackberry, clementine, waffle cone, ice cream)

🧉Pina Colada:

*Blue Sunset (blue hawaiian pina colada)

*Strawberries & Cream Pina Colada (strawberries, sweet cream & pina colada)

*Pina Colada Sangria (pina colada with grape, orange, lemon lime, apple, pomegranate, blackberries and sugar)


*Watermelon Candy

*Grape Airheads

*Raspberry Sweet Tarts

🏕Ultimate Woods:

*Northern Backwoods (by the campfire, palo santo & oud wood)

*Barn Wood

*Meet Me at the a Cabin (Barn Wood, Balsam, Cedar, Cotton Sheets)


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  • Image of Ultimate Triple Layered Loaf
  • Image of Ultimate Triple Layered Loaf