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Triple Layered Scented Wax Loaves

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Triple Layered Scented Wax Loaf
3 Scents layered in each loaf
approx. 15-16 oz
All loaves will be sent in a bakery bag.

Triple Layer Cuppy Cake Loaf:

*Blackberry Crunch Cuppy Cakes (blackberries, waffle cones & breakfast at tiffany’s)
*Blueberry Taffy Cuppy Cakes (fresh blueberries, salt water taffy & cupcakes at tiffany’s)
*Strawberry Marshmallow Cuppy Cakes (sugared strawberry marshmallows with cupcakes at tiffany’s)
Triple Layer Italian Cream Soda Loaf:

*Blackberry Italian Cream Soda
*Cherry Vanilla Italian Cream Soda
*Apple Pear Italian Cream Soda
Copper Coconut Bar:

*That’s My Daughter in the Water
(salty sea air, cotton sheets & copper coconut)
*Copper Coconut (raw coconut, sea salty air, soft amber & tonka bean)
*Coastal Vibes (blue sugar & copper coconut)


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