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Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz

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Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz.

*Bamboo Sheets (lush linen, Swedish dream salt & bonsai tree)

*Bite a Blonde -cc (blonde moment & bite me)

*Bubble Gum Chewin’ Unicorn (bubble gum, cherry cotton candy, rainbow candy drops, sugared lemon & unicorn kisses)

*Carnival on the Boardwalk -cc (strawberry, peach & salt water taffy)

*Cereal Marshmallow Bar (heavy on the gooey marshmallows mixed with fruity pebbles cereal)

*Cherry Cotton Candy Cuppy Cakes (Cherry Blast, Cotton Candy and Cupcakes at Tiffany's)

*Composers & Poets (library, tonka, oud with fresh linen)

*Fresh Picked Strawberries

*Green Apples & Cream Taffy (green apple, salt water taffy & buttercream)

*Hopscotch (Sugary Lollipops, Mandarin Orange & Fizzy Pop)

*Jude (Strawberry Shortcake & Shaving Cream)

*Lazy Loo Loo (Lavender Flowers with Spearmint Marshmallows)

*Lemon Frosted Coconut Sugar Cookies

*Little Pink Houses (Clean Cotton, Pink Berries & Tonka)

*Perfectly Pear (Fizzy Pear and fluffy marshmallows)

*Pink Lime (lime, dewfruit, peach, orange, apple, and mandarin with lily, berries, jasmine, and lavender into a sandalwood, raspberry vanilla & coconut musk)

*Pucker Up Pinkie -cc (watermelon, lime, pink sugar & pink lemonade)

*Smells Like Spring (Pink Sugar, Plum Garden, Fresh Cut Grass)

*Song Sung Blue (blueberries, clementine & whipped cream)

*Spells & Potions (Orange Slices, Lovespell type & Vanilla Bean)

*Strawberry Overload (strawberry poundcake, strawberry milk, spun sugar vanilla bean)

*Sun Washed Citrus (crisp lemon, citron, agave, and musk)

*Tangerine Gelato + Fizzy Pop + Blonde Moment -cc

*Watermelon Crawl -cc (watermelon fizz, strawberry, lime & coconut)

*Welcome to Florida (pineapple slushy, coconut, salty sea air, satsuma & fizzy pop)

*Well I’ll be Jammed -cc (strawberry jam, sugar cookie, sugar cookie dough, fluffy marshmallow & zucchini bread)


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