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Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz

Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz.

*Ahoy Matey cc- cherry vanilla, tobacco caramel & Palo Santo

*Apricot Twist - apricot, pink sugar, frosting

*Berried Treasure -Blueberry maple pancakes, zucchini bread, fluffy marshmallow

*Berries & Lace *cc - strawberry bourbon vanilla, blackberry & vanilla lace

*Berry Blue Powdered Donuts - raspberry, blackberry, lemon, orange, sour green apple & powdered donuts

*Big Top - banana, circus concessions & graham cracker

*Blitzen - cream cheese frosting, funnel cakes & blueberry marshmallows

*Blue Summer *cc – Blue Hawaiian & Watermelon

*Bonfire Nights - caramel corn, campfire marshmallow & mac apple

*Bushels of Fun -Amish harvest, caramelized pralines, Mac apple

*Carnival on the Boardwalk *cc – strawberry, peach & salt water taffy

*Cereal Marshmallow Bar – heavy on the gooey marshmallows mixed with Fruity Pebbles cereal

*Fall in the Air – falling leaves, mulberry & toasted marshmallow

*Farmer Gray - spiced apples and peaches, fresh baked bread & powdered donut 

*Garden Scapes cc- garden mint, lilac & vanilla lace

*Good Night Baby Blue - lavender, chamomile & Downy Blue

*High Tea - Pistachio Macaroon, Tea & Cakes & Vanilla Bean Noel

*Kai - gardenia, plumeria, tuberose, lily, pikake & jasmine

*Lemon Berry Crepes - cream cheese, lemon curd, blackberry & buttery crepes

*Little Jack Horner - plum & graham crackers

*Mermaid Margarita *cc - strawberry guava, raspberry, frozen margarita with a hint of salty sea air

*Mermazing *cc - satsuma, mango, papaya & fizzy pop

*Ocean Waters - Sea Salt & Ocean Moss

*Pearfection - pears, spun sugar & shaving cream

*Pinch Me – Fresh Cut Grass, Irish Linen & Green Clover and Aloe

*Slice of Summer *cc - mango sorbet, coconut cream pie, fresh picked strawberries & vanilla waffle cone

*Snickerdoodle Latte - snickerdoodle cookies, cappuccino latte & whipped cream

*Sparkling Festivities - cotton candy, maraschino cherries, sweet cranberry & fizzy pop

*Under the Coconut Tree  – key lime, Fuji apples, pina colada & cotton candy

*Watermelon Crawl *cc – Watermelon Fizz (watermelon & fizzy pop), strawberry, lime & coconut

*Wonderland of Snow - winter candy apple type, snowflakes and cashmere & cotton candy frosting


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