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Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz

Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz.

*Autumn Wreath (Autumn leaves, cinnamon apples, nutmeg and cloves)

*Boo Hoo -cc (strawberry, lime, cotton candy, cranberry fizz)

*Cozy (woolen blankets, vanilla birch & cashmere)

*Cozy Hot Cocoa

*Cronuts (cinnamon sugar, baked crust, fresh churned butter, mixed batter, agave syrup, powdered sugar and vanilla bean)

*Flannels & Sweaters~ Flannel type & sweater weather type

*Fresh Baked Bread with Strawberry Jam

*Frosted Ice Cream Coffee (frosted graham crackers, coffee ice cream & vanilla cream)

*Goodnight Baby Blue (Lavender, chamomile & downy blue)

*Lavender (herbal lavender)

*Mermaid Cocktail -cc (blue hawaiian, cherry slushy & cotton candy frosting)

*Monster Mash (booberry cereal, salt water taffy, frosted graham crackers &

*Poltergeist (huckleberry, fruit loops & cake batter)

*Poolside (swimming pool type, lime margarita & suntan lotion)

*Pumpkin Cupcake (cupcakes at tiffany's with pumpkin cream cheese roll)

*Pumpkin Latte with Sprinks (pumpkin pecan, coffee & marshmallow fluff)

*Sparkling Festivities (cotton candy, maraschino cherries, sweet cranberry & fizzy pop)

*Vanilla Plum Pie (boardwalk vanilla cone, red plum baklava & pie crust)


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