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Scoops (Scoopable Wax)

4 oz. of highly scented scoopable wax poured fresh into a polypropylene plastic jar.
Mini wooden scoop spoon included for each jar.
Add 1-2 scoops to warmer and enjoy :)

*All She Wrote (pink chiffon, whipped cream & cotton candy frosting)*
*Bakery Box (pretzel, apple pie filling, buttercream cupcake)
*Blue Banana (blue cotton candy, banana, vanilla bean noel)
*Cafe Noir (rich black coffee with a touch of cream)
*Calming Dreams (violets, lavender, peppermint, vanilla bean noel)
*Cherry 7-up Poundcake (lemon lime, warm cake, almond, vanilla and sugar)
*Cherry Cream Frosted Circus Cookies (cherry vanilla frosted circus cookies)
*Cupcake Couture (lemon curd, cupcakes at tiffany's with cream cheese frosting)
*Flannels & Sweaters (flannel type & sweater weather type)
*Frost Bite (peppermint and aspen winter type -snow covered pines, citrus, spicy cloves and vanilla)
*Frosted Circus Cookies (crunchy butter cookies with pink & white frosting & sprinkle)
*Kaleidoscope (honey oatmeal with herbal lavender milk)
*Lavender Lines (lavender fields & cotton sheets)
*Lavender Marshmallow Frosted (sweet lavender marshmallow with frosted circus cookies)
*Lemon Loops (fruit loops, lemon curd & sugar milk)
*Library (teak wood, cedar, leather, sandalwood dark musk & patchouli)
*Makin Waves (satsuma & salty sea air)
*Peppermint Clouds (peppermint, vanilla wafer cookie, vanilla bean noel, fluffy marshmallows)
*Pink Lemonade Sparkles (pink lemonade, cotton candy, fizzy pop)
*Smokin’ Hot (birch & black pepper, wood smoke and vanilla bean)
*Strawberry Marshmallow Cuppy Cakes (sugared strawberry marshmallows with cupcakes at tiffany's)
*Surfer Boyfriend (midsummer's night, barber shop 1920s, salty sea air)
*Swiss Coffee (espresso, cappuccino, coconut cream pie & whipped cream)
*White Clouds (lily, bergamot, geraniums, violet & precious woods)
*Zombie Cookies (zucchini bread, cookie dough & sugar cookies)


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