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Scoops 8 oz Scoopable Wax

*Apple Pear Italian Cream Soda - fresh apple peels, freshly sliced pear & an old fashioned cream soda with caramelized sugar & vanilla cream

*Back Road Bakery - cronuts & blackberries

*Bunny Bites * cc - fresh picked strawberries, powdered donuts & whipped cream

*Caribbean Pool Boy cc- swimming pool, pina colada, ocean mist & salty sea air

*Hippity Hoppity - summer scoop, ripe raspberries & peeps

*Lemony Snicket -Avobath type, lemon curd & candy floss

*Pear Soda *cc - fizzy pop with crisp pears

*Sangria Dew - Grape, orange, lemon lime, apple, pomegranate, blackberries and sugar & Mt. Dew

*Summer Bubbly cc- peach, passion fruit, strawberry guava & cherry champagne

*Summer Vacation - cotton sheets, boardwalk taffy & fluffy towels

*Watermelon Festival cc- salted watermelon, fresh cut grass & fizzy pop


  • Image of Scoops 8 oz Scoopable Wax
  • Image of Scoops 8 oz Scoopable Wax