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Scoops 2 oz Sample Size

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New Scoops 2 oz Sample Scent Shot Cups

Scoops are highly scented scoopable wax

*Baby (baby magic type)
*Baby Clouds (white clouds with baby magic type & pink sugar)
*Bakery Box (pretzel, apple pie filling & buttercream cupcake)
*Beach Garden (beach wood & lavender sachet)
*Bellissimo (pink lemonade, lavender & vanilla bean Noel)
*Blackberry Clementine Granita (blackberry, clementine, waffle cone & ice cream)
*Blackberry Green Tea (blackberries & green tea)
*Black Cherry Cola
*Blueberry Taffy Cuppy Cakes
*Board Shorts (coppertone type & blue sugar)
*Boyfriend Hugs (bergamot, Green aromatic herbs, cedar wood & sandalwood)
*Green Apples & Cream Taffy (green apples, salt water taffy & frosting)
*Good Morning Sunshine (avobath type)
*Happiness (pink chiffon type, vanilla bean noel & bergamot)
*Jelly Beans
*Mango Peach Bellini (mango peach salsa, coconut cream & fizzy pop)
*Oceana (beach wood, sea salt & ocean moss)
*Pink Fizzy Angel Food Cake (fizzy pink lemonade & angel food cake)
*Recharge (bergamot, grapefruit & orange peel)
*Riptide (peaches, salty sea air & coconut)
*Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay (bay breeze type- salt water and floral lilies)
*Smoke & Lace (chantilly lace, woodsmoke & ylang ylang)
*Smokin Hot (birch & black pepper, woodsmoke & vanilla bean)
*So-Sophisticated (lavender, green tea & cedar leaf)
*Strawberry Ice Box Tea & Cakes (strawberry shortcake, graham crackers, tea & cakes).
*Summer Sorbet (strawberry, pink cotton candy & vanilla cream - summer scoop type)
*Sweetie Pie (pretzels with strawberry cake batter & whipped cream)
*Tea & Cakes
*White Clouds (lily, bergamot, geraniums, violets & precious woods)
*White Nectarine & Pink Coral
*White Tea (authentic white tea)
*Wood Sage & Sea Salt (jm type)
*Yellow Brick Road (cornbread cookie dough with tres leches cake)
*Zucchini Noel (zucchini bread & vanilla bean noel)


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