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Scented Wax Loaves

Scented Wax Loaves
15-16 oz
All loaves will be sent in a bakery bag.

Alice (tea and cakes & fruit loops)
*Blackberry Crunch Cuppy Cakes (blackberries, waffle cones & cupcakes at tiffany’s)
*Blackberry Italian Cream Soda
*Boyfriend’s Truck (spicy black pepper, bergamot and lavender anchored with woodsy notes and a touch of old fashioned root beer float)
*Cotton Candy Cane (peppermint candy canes & cotton candy)
*Copper Coconut Type (raw coconut, sea salty air, soft amber & Tonka bean)
*Day Trip (herbal lavender, coconut cream pie & marshmallow fluff)
*Fairy Dust (strawberry pink sugar, peppermint & marshmallow fluff)
*Summer Sippin’ (sangria punch & copper coconut)
*That’s My Daughter in the Water (salty sea air, cotton sheets & copper coconut)


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