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Savannah Blue Simplicity

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Original Wax Formula

Do you ever wonder what our Cotton Candy smells like in and of itself? Do you ever want to fill your home with the soft scent of Clean Cotton without added notes? Or maybe make your own concoctions? We have just the thing for you!

Savannah Blue Simplicity gives even the most savvy connoisseurs of wax melts the opportunity to experience the basic foundations of our products and get to know us better.

Available in 2 oz Scent Shots

Scent List:
-Baby Powder
-Badedas (leafy floral greens, basil, citrus, amber and musk)
-Balsam (fir needles, crisp eucalyptus & cedarwood)
-Bamboo & Sugar Cane (rosewood, bamboo, sugar cane, grapefruit, -Asian grasses and litsea)
-Banana Cream Pie (ripe bananas, vanilla, pie crust and butter rum)
-Barbershop 1920s (amber rum, musk and bay)
-Bartlett Pear (fresh, crisp pear)
-Bay Breeze (clean, salty ocean air)
-Bay Rum (aged rum, allspice, orange, pine, patchouli and vanilla)
-Bergamot (crisp, citrus bergamot fruit)
-Birthday Cake (sweet frosting, white cake and buttery top notes)
-Blackberry Jam (ripe, tart blackberries with vanilla and fresh green notes)
-Blueberry (fresh, ripe blueberries)
-Blue Sugar (vanilla, fresh floral green notes, rich patchouli)
-By the Campfire (smoky sandalwood and cedar with hints of amber and patchouli)
-Cannabis Flower (green fern and cannabis notes with cashmere and golden amber)
-Cedarwood & Patchouli (woody moss, red cedar, musky bark and dark patchouli)
-Chamomile (chamomile flowers)
-Chantilly Lace (delicate citrus, light floral, warm vanilla and wood spices)
-Clean Cotton (cotton, lemon, crisp apple and ozone)
-Coconut Coast (creamy coconut, island air with a hint of fresh fruit)
-Coffee House (fresh brewed coffee)
-Cornbread (warm buttermilk cornbread)
-Cotton Candy (sweet vanilla spun sugar)
-Crushed Raspberry
-Downy Blue (floral sweet orange, lush fern, jasmine, lilac, rose, amber and musk)
-Fireside (clove, incense, sandalwood, saffron, amber & smoke)
-Fizzy Pop (sparkling water with hints of eucalyptus and orange flower)
-Flannel Sheets (sun dried clean cotton)
-Fluffy Towels (fresh, clean towels warm from the dryer)
-Fresh Lemon Sugar (zesty, tart lemon, sugar cane, lychee flower and neroli)
-Fruit Loops (just like the cereal)
-Gain Island Fresh (green, fruity floral, amber and musk)
-Gingerbread (sweet, spice, cinnamon, clove & nutmeg gingerbread)
-Graham Cracker (just like a crunchy graham cracker)
-Green Tea (steeping green tea leaves)
-Honey Clementine (honey dipped clementines)
-Huckleberry (fresh huckleberry fruit)
-Just Peachy (sun ripened, juicy peach)
-Kumquat (kumquat, juicy mandarin with a hint of pineapple)
-Lake Adventure (fresh air, crisp water, mossy cedar wood, vanilla amber musk with a hint of pine and green apples)
-Lavender (straight up lavender)
-Lavender Fields (true lavender with light floral notes)
-Lavender Latte (fresh coffee, coconut milk, honey, sweet lavender vanilla)
-Lemon Curd (zesty lemon, warm vanilla extract, with a hint of sugar & fresh cream)
-Macintosh Apple (fresh, bright and crisp macintosh apple)
-Marshmallow Fluff (ooey, gooey, sweet and sticky marshmallow)
-Midsummer’s Night (masculine, light musk and citrus notes)
-Morning Beignet (lemon butter donuts with nutmeg and cinnamon, vanilla and bourbon)
-Oud Wood (Asian oud wood, cedar, rosemary, jasmine, musk & patchouli)
-Palo Santo (palo santo wood, warm amber & soft musk)
-Patchouli Rain (earthy patchouli, lily of the valley, cyclamen, ozone, moss and sweet citrus)
-Pink Berries & Tonka (pink berries, pikake, musk, sugar cane and tonka beans)
-Pink Chiffon (exotic fruits, vanilla orchid and whipped chiffon musk)
-Pink Sugar (cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel, raspberry jam on musk)
-Salted Pretzel
-Salt Water Taffy (sweet, citrusy berries with a hint of sea salt)
-Salty Sea Air (crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed and driftwood)
-Satsuma (mandarin slices, bergamot and citrus peel)
-Spearmint (minty spearmint)
-Spiced Cranberry
-Strawberry Patch (sun kissed, ripe strawberries)
-Summer Scoop Type (strawberry, pink cotton candy & vanilla cream - yankee type)
-Sweet Tea (sumac sweet tea)
- The Flower which shall not be Named -Cannabis Flower (green fern and cannabis notes with cashmere and golden amber)
-Toasted Marshmallow (creamy toasted marshmallow)
-Tonka & Oud (rum musk, resinous oud, tonka & amaretto)
-Tobacco Caramel Type (caramel, amber, musk with hints of patchouli)
-Vanilla Bean Noel (sweet sugar cookies and warm vanilla)
-White Clouds (lily, bergamot, geraniums, violet & precious woods)
-White Sage & Lavender (herbs, lavender & woodsy white sage)
-Whole Wheat Bread
-Wild Sea Grass (sea grass, sand dunes & ocean breeze)
-Woodsmoke (teakwood, mahogany and light smoke)
-Vanilla Sandalwood
-Zucchini Bread (old fashioned zucchini bread with spices and cinnamon)


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