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Samplers (new formula)

Smoky Sampler:
8 Scent Shots ($17.25)

*Boyfriend’s Flannel (woodsmoke, palo santo & flannel)
*Dear John (pink petal tea cakes with pipe smoke and vanilla snowflake)
*Candy Petals (pink chiffon type, cotton candy with a touch of wood smoke)
*Piano Room (tobacco caramel with pipe smoke & vanilla bean noel)
*Looking Glass (coconut milk, woodsmoke & clean cotton)
*Amityville (pipe smoke & apple harvest)
*Smokin’ Hot (birch & black pepper, woodsmoke & vanilla bean)
*Notorious (pipe smoke & blackberry salt water taffy)

Cotton Candy Frosting Sampler:
6 Scent Shot ($12.95)

*All She Wrote (pink chiffon, whipped cream & cotton candy frosting)
*Pink Velvet (7-up poundcake, fresh strawberry cotton candy frosting)
*Valentine’s Day (pink petal tea cakes cotton candy frosting)
*Tangerine Candy Machine (tangerine gelato cotton candy frosting)
*Miss Sunshine (cotton candy frosting with sultana type - creamy bergamot candy)
Marshmallow Kisses (fluffy marshmallows, pink sugar & cotton candy frosting)


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  • Image of Samplers (new formula)
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