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Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz

Soufflé Cups 4.3-4.5 oz.

Apple Cider Float - customer creation (apple pie filling, vanilla ice cream, cream soda, cinnamon, cider donut & whipped cream)

*Bat House (butterscotch caramel corn)

*Candy Cane Frosted Sugar Cookies (Candy Cane, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Frosting)

*Christmas Jammies (Cotton Sheets & Snow Kissed Mittens)

*Christmas Mittens (frosted cupcakes with cassis, red currant, strawberry, peppermint and cherry almond with a hint of citrus)

*Cinnamon Bread Pudding & Winter Candy Apples

*Confetti Ice Cream (fruity pebbles, sugar cookies & vanilla ice cream)

*Cotton Candy Cane (Peppermint Candy Cane & Cotton Candy)

*Green Apple, Buttercream, Waffle Cone & Cinnamon Strudel - customer creation

*Forever in Blue Jeans (flannel sheets & downy blue ultra)

*Fright Fest (pumpkin sugar cookie, cronuts & pizzelle)

*Howling Winds (earthen oak & comfort zone)

*Lush Cocktail (twilight, olive branch, american cream & a bit of Lord of Misrule)

*Moment in Time (Grape, strawberry & coconut sorbet)

*Pumpkin Latte with Sprinks (Pumpkin Pecan, Coffee, Marshmallow Fluff)

*Strawberry Overload (strawberry poundcake, strawberry milk, spun sugar vanilla bean)

*Saucy Santa (Vanilla Bourbon, Pipe Smoke and Sugar Cookie)

*Spooky Season (boardwalk marshmallow clouds, cashmere forest & leaves)

*Sweet Strawberry, Cupcakes at Tiffany’s & Green Apples

*Wild Woods (blackberry, Egyptian musk & magnolia blossoms)

*Winter Carnival -Customer Creation (Candy cane, cotton candy, vanilla waffle cone & frosted circus cookies

*Winter Song (oranges, clove, fir needles, vanilla bean noel, spiced cranberry & peppermint)

*Woodsmoke & Candy (Woodsmoke, spearmint leaves & cotton candy)

*Zucchini Dream Blackberry Cream (Zucchini Bread, Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie and Cream Cheese Frosting


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