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New Scoops Scoopable Wax

4 oz. of highly scented scoopable wax poured fresh into a polypropylene plastic jar.
Mini wooden scoop spoon included for each jar.
Add 1-2 scoops to warmer and enjoy :)

Banana Coconut Milkshake (banana cream, coconut cream & vanilla ice cream)
*B*tches Love Fizz (strawberry, lime, cotton candy, fizz)
*Black Cedarwood & Juniper (clean & woodsy amber, exotic florals & clove buds - JM type)
*Blueberry Pizzelle (blueberry marshmallows, pizzelle & pie crust)
*Cafe Noir (rich black coffee with a touch of cream)
*Copper Coconut (raw coconut, sea salty air, soft amber & tonka bean -bbw type)
*Cotton Candy
*Flannel Sheets (sun dried cotton)
*Lavender Fizz
*Lavender Latte (fresh coffee, coconut milk, honey, sweet lavender vanilla - Simplicity Line)
*Macintosh Apple Cake
*Makin’ Waves (sastsuma & salty sea air)
*Newport (salt water taffy & salty sea air)
*Oceanside (ocean salt water)
*Peaches & Sunflowers (juicy peaches & sunny sunflowers)
*Pink Berries & Tonka (pink berries, pikake, musk, sugar cane & tonka beans - Simplicity Line)
*Pink Sugar & Peppermint
*Scrumptious Green Apples (tart green apples)
*Sun & Sea (roses & violets with green notes, peach, citrus & strawberry)
*Wild Sea Grass (sea grass, sand dunes & ocean breeze)


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