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New Savannah Blue Bars (appox. 4 oz total weight)

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These bars are the Ultimate in Savannah Blue Wax!
Three layered scents in each bar for the most sophisticated smelling experience ;)
Each bar weighs appox. 2 oz.
Two bars per pack.
Three Scents in each bar

Copper Coconut Bar:

*That’s My Daughter in the Water
(salty sea air, cotton sheets & copper coconut)
*Copper Coconut (raw coconut, sea salty air, soft amber & tonka bean)
*Coastal Vibes (blue sugar & copper coconut)
Tea and Cakes Bar:

*Alice (tea and cakes & fruit loops)
*Blackberry Swirl Tea & Cakes (blackberry jam butter cookie, tea and cakes with sweet cream)
*Tea with Savannah (tea & cakes with a side of fresh blueberry scones)
Coffee Bar:

*Swiss Coffee (espresso, cappuccino, coconut cream pie & whipped cream)
*Java Mocha (rich coffee, death by chocolate & vanilla whipped cream)
*Café Noir (rich black coffee with a touch of cream)
Lavender Coconut Bar:

*Coconut Coast (creamy coconut, island air with a hint of fresh fruit)
*Day Trip (herbal lavender, coconut cream pie & marshmallow fluff)
*Lavender Coconut (lavender fields & coconut coast)


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