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Mini Snap Bar 1oz

1 oz Mini Snap Bar

Huckleberry & Mt Dew - custom over pour
Huckleberry & Zucchini Bread - custom over pour
Watermelon & Vanilla Ice Cream - custom over pour
Watermelon & Mt. Dew - custom over pour
Perfect Guest Towels + Cotton Candy + Boardwalk Vanilla Cone -custom over pour
Irish Spring + Sea Minerals + a touch of Shaving Cream + a touch of Peppermint

Berry Bubbly - blackberries, vanilla cream soda & passionate strawberry
Dandelion Pear - dandelion, fresh pear, green tea leaves & aloe vera
Grapefruit Cocktail - grapefruit, vanilla bean noel & fizzy pop
Grape Ice Cream Cone - grape creamsicle, grape airheads & waffle cone
Long Winters Nap - bedtime bath, dove, fresh balsam, wood sage & sea salt
Melon Ball Margarita - salted watermelon, pineapple & bite me
Raspberry Cake - ripe raspberries with birthday cake
Strawberry Gummy Bear Cream Soda - strawberries, gummy bears & cream soda
Winterberry - holly berry, juniper berry, red currant, pine tree & white musk


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  • Image of Mini Snap Bar 1oz