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Mini Bundt Cakes 6 pk (new formula)

Mini Bundt Cakes 6pk
3.5 oz

*Bamboozled (pretzel & huckleberry glazed donuts)
*Blueberry Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Dough
*Blueberry Pizzelle (Blueberry Marshmallows (booberry), Pizzelle and Pie Crust)
*Boyfriend’s Flannel ((woodsmoke, palo santo & flannel)
*Cherry Pear Sparkler (Satsuma, Fizzy Pop, Cherries and Pears)
Garden Lavender Mint (Garden Mint & Lavender)
*Lemony Snicket (Avobath, Lemon Curd and Candy Floss)
*Looking Glass
*Makin Waves (Satsuma & Salty Sea Air)
*Miss Sunshine (cotton candy frosting with sultana type - creamy bergamot candy)
*Peppermint Clouds (peppermint, vanilla wafer cookie, vanilla bean noel)
*Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Pineapple and Cake Bake)
*Sweet 16 (Birthday Cake, Strawberries, Cotton Candy)
*Swiss Coffee (Espresso, Cappuccino, Coconut Cream Pie & Whip Cream)
*Tangerine Gelato (tangerine, orange creamsicle & lemon zest)


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