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Fall Preorder Loaves

Our Fall preorder starts Saturday August 1st at 1:00pm ET. The preorder will remain open until Monday August 10th at midnight ET (unless I reach my maximum work capabilities)

Turn around time 6-8 weeks

Loaves with Embeds approx 13-14 oz ($18.85)

Fall Preorder Loaf Scent List:

*Peaches & Cream Frosted Circus Cookies (peaches & sweet cream with frosted circus cookies)

*Coraline (pumpkin cheesecake, zucchini bread & plum tart)

*Boyfriend’s Flannel (woodsmoke, palo santo & flannel)

*Vanilla Chai Frosted Circus Cookies (vanilla chai with frosted circus cookies)

*Tropical Lemonade (pineapple, mixed berries, apples, oranges, lime, banana & lemonade)

*Unicorn Cotton Candy Taco (cotton candy, pizzelle, fried ice cream, whipped cream & cherries)

*Ghosts & Goblins Frosted Circus Cookies (booberry & frankenberry cereal with frosted circus cookies)

*Berry Good (strawberry pound cake, blackberry juice & funnel cake)


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