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Fall Preorder Bitty Loaves

The Fall preorder starts Saturday August 1st at 1:00pm ET. The preorder will remain open until Monday August 10th at midnight ET (unless I reach my maximum work capabilities)

Turn around time 6-8 weeks

Bitty Loaves approx 5.5 oz (no embeds) $8.00

Fall Preorder Bitty Loaf Scent List:

*All Hallows’ Eve (caramel corn & caramel apples)

*Annabelle (strawberry, pink sugar & sugar milk)

*Autumn Brew (cider lane, toasted marshmallow, buttercream sugar cookie & cappuccino)

*Cabin in the Spooky Woods (apple french toast, s’mores, marshmallow fireside & mac apple)

*Fireside Cherry Delight (maraschino cherry, graham cracker & marshmallow fireside)

*Goodnight Moon (lavender, spearmint fizz)

*Island Clean (strawberry, iced pineapple & gain island fresh)

*Overlook Hotel (leaves, pipe smoke & bourbon)

*Poltergeist (huckleberry, fruit loops & cake batter)

*Pumpkin Cupcake (cupcakes at tiffany’s with pumpkin cream cheese roll)

*Summers End (banana, pineapple, suntan lotion, salty sea air & marshmallow fireside)

*Strawberry Sugar Clouds (sweet sugared strawberries with boardwalk marshmallow clouds)

*Toasted Strawberry (strawberry poundcake, cookie dough & toasted marshmallows)

*Warm Apple Cupcakes (apples smothered in butter, cream & cinnamon with cupcakes at tiffany’s)

*Zombie Cookies (zucchini bread, cookie dough & sugar cookies)


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