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Triple Layered Cutie Pies

🏝️Beachy –

*Beach Life -salty sea air, shaving cream & fresh cut grass

*Beach Blankets -cotton sheets & salty sea air

*Beach Fairy -pink sugar & copper coconut

🍬Candy –

*Watermelon Candy

*Grape Airheads

*Raspberry Sweet Tarts

🍒Cherry –

*Cherry Pear Sparkler -satsuma, fizzy pop, cherries & pear

*Cherry Slushy Dew -cherry slushy & Mt. Dew

*Cherry Champagne -fresh cherries floating in crisp champagne

🥤 Dr. Pepper -

*Cherry Cream Dr. Pepper Slushy cherry slushy, whipped cream & Dr. Pepper

*Dr. Pepper Float -Dr. Pepper with vanilla ice cream

*Blackberry Cream Dr. Pepper-
Blackberries, whipped cream & Dr. Pepper

🫧Fizzy -

*Lime Soda fizzy pop & lime

*Cherry Fizz -cherries & fizzy pop

*Strawberry Fizz -fresh picked strawberry with fizzy pop

🧺Flannel Sheets –

*Man in the Moon lavender, cedar leaf, flannel sheets & salty sea air

*Flannel Sheets lemon, mandarin orange, mountain air, cotton blossoms, sheer violet, sweet cyclamen, dew kissed lily, pink jasmine, and soothing sandalwood

*Forever in Blue Jeans Downy blue & flannel sheets

🧋Iced White Tea -

*Strawberry Apple Iced White Tea *HB - strawberry, macintosh apples & white tea

*Black Raspberry Iced White Tea *HB - sweet black raspberries floating in iced white tea

*Blackberry Iced White Tea *HB – sweet blackberries mixed with white tea

🍭Lollipops –

*A World of Pure Imagination - Lollipops bubble gum, cotton candy, macintosh apple

*Lollipops sticky sweet goodness of tart citrus and juicy fruits

*Hopscotch Lollipops, mandarin orange & fizzy pop

🍹Margarita –

*Blackberry Lime Margarita (resh picked blackberries, sweet lime, juicy orange & tangy tequila

*Cherry Margarita Slushy cherry slushy, lime margarita & fizzy pop

*Pink Lemonade Frozen Margarita lemon accord, raspberries, sweet lime, juicy orange & tangy tequila

🍨Summer Sorbet –

*Taffy Cone Summer Sorbet -salt water taffy, waffle cone, summer sorbet

*Peachy Summer Sorbet - juicy peach, sugar cookie & summer sorbet

*Triple Scoop – summer sorbet, fresh picked strawberries & sugar cookie



  • Image of Triple Layered Cutie Pies
  • Image of Triple Layered Cutie Pies