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Break a Part Bars (new formula)

Break a Part Bars:
Same amount of wax as a clamshell, less packaging.
Easily break bars to the desired size.
Each bar weighs approx. 2.7 ounces

*Aqua (Orange Lime, Lily Rose and Green Ozone)
*Bamboozled (pretzel & huckleberry glazed donuts)
*Blue Ocean Waters (Ocean Waters (sea salt & Ocean Moss), Downy Blue & Coconut Milk)
*Boyfriend’s Flannel (Woodsmoke, Palo Santo & Flannel)
*Cactus & Sea Salt (green cactus, clean ocean air, sea spray, driftwood and sea moss)
*Cereal Killer (Fruit Loops, Sugar Milk, Frankenberry Cereal)
*Cherry Cream Frosted Circus Cookies (cherry vanilla frosted circus cookies)
*Coast Soap (fresh, clean soap scent)
*Cotton Candy Frosted Circus Cookies (cotton candy, cotton candy frosting with frosted circus cookies)
*Crisp & Clean (green Apple, honeydew with gain island fresh)
*Day Spa (lemongrass, black currant, Patchouli & sugar)
*Dirty Type (thyme, tarragon, oakmoss and sandalwood- lush type)
*Fairy Frolics (Fruit Loops, Bartlett Pear & Snow Fairy type)
*Free Spirit (Red berries, juicy orange and peach nectar, a twist of lime with jasmine, vanilla and fresh green notes blended with blue sugar type)
*Frosted Circus Cookies (crunchy butter cookies with pink & white frosting & sprinkles)
*Frosted Lavender (ozone, camphor, citrus, berries & juniper, lavender & vanilla bean noel)
*Fruit Loop Frosted Circus Cookies (fruit loops with frosted circus cookies)
*Heartbreaker (cut out cookies, powdered sugar frosting, candied cherries, cherry crumb pie & fried ice cream)
*Irish Coast (cotton amber, Irish spring soap & salty sea air)
*Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins
*Masked Jack (mac apple pumpkin cheesecake)
*Meteor Shower (Bay Rum, Flannel Sheets, Vanilla Bean Noel)
*Milk & Cookies (warm vanilla cookies & sweet cream)
*Newport (Salt Water Taffy and Salty Sea Air)
*Ocean Waters (Sea Salt & Ocean Moss)
*Open Windows (winter linen, green clover & aloe with baby grace type)
*Orange Dream Angel Food Cake (Oranges, sweet cream and angel food cake)
*Orange Julius (orange sherbet, orange juice, sugar milk & whipped cream)
*Peach of Pie (Pie Crust, Vanilla, Peach and Whipped Cream)
*Pinch Me (fresh cut grass, Irish Linen, green clover & aloe)
*Pink Towels (Coconut Milk, Honey I Washed the Kids type, and Barber Shop 1920s)
*Pretzels with Cherry Icing (pretzels dibbed in cherry icing -cherry bomb with sugary icing)
*Sachet (Gain Island Fresh with Freesia, Pink Sugar & Vanilla Bean Noel)
*Seaside Snack Shack (cherry, cotton candy, salty sea air & fizzy pop)
*Summer Sippin’ (Sangria Punch and copper coconut)
*Sunshine & Saltwater (Copper Coconut, Salty Seawater)
*Tangerine Gelato (tangerine, orange creamsicle & lemon zest)
*VSCO Girl (baggy t-shirts, velvet scrunchies & a hydroflask)
*Wipe Out (Coppetone Type, Salty Sea Air and Cotton Sheets)
*Warm Apple Cinnamon Sweet Rolls (apple pie, fresh baked bread & cinnamon buns)
*Yoga in the Park (Pink Sugar, violets, and fresh cut grass)


  • Image of Break a Part Bars (new formula)
  • Image of Break a Part Bars (new formula)