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Break a Part Bars (new formula)

Break a Part Bars:
Same amount of wax as a clamshell, less packaging.
Easily break bars to the desired size.
Each bar weighs approx. 2.7 ounces.

*Amelia Island (Lemongrass, Cotton Candy and Salty Sea Air)
*American Girl (pink peppermint & American cream type)
*Autumn Clothesline (autumn wreath and chantilly lace)
*Baby Clouds (White Clouds with Baby Magic type & Pink Sugar)
*Backyard Picnic (Watermelon, Vanilla Ice Cream & Clean Cotton)
*Beach House (Wild sea grass, Blooming Freesia and Salty Sea Air)
*Belle Starr (White Nectarine, Pink Coral & Barnwood)
*Bellissimo (Pink Lemonade, Lavender & Vanilla Bean Noel)
*Blackberry Wishes (Blackberry, Satsuma, Marshmallow Fluff, Waffle Cone)
*Blueberry Peach Lemonade
*Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Fruit Loops, Rice Krispie Treats)
*Cafe Noir (Rich Black Coffee with a touch of Cream)
*Cherry Frosted Circus Cookies (cherry vanilla frosted circus cookies)
*Cherry Slushy Dew (Cherry Slushy and Mt. Dew)
*Chocolate Cherry Cappuccino (cherry chocolate with cappuccino & sweet cream)
*Coffee House (fresh brewed coffee)
*Confetti Ice Cream (fruity pebbles, sugar cookies & vanilla ice cream)
*Daybreak (green clover & aloe with bedtime bath type)
*Dear John (pink petal tea cakes with pipe smoke and vanilla snowflake)
*Dirty Type (thyme, tarragon, oakmoss and sandalwood- lush type)
*Domesticated (rich woods, fresh laundry, vanilla musk and fern)
*Double Mochaccino (Dark Espresso, Cinnamon Chocolate and Vanilla Whipped Cream)
*Dream Until Morning (Lavender & Fruit Loops)
*Drink Me (Fruit Loops, Fizzy Pop & Cream Soda )
*Falling For You (palo santo, vanilla & white birch)
*Fresh Linen (fresh ozone with floral and woodsy notes)
*Frosted Lavender (ozone, camphor, citrus, berries & juniper, lavender & vanilla bean noel)
*Gingered Lime Soda (gingered like and fizzy pop)
*Juicy Fruit (juicy fruit gum type)
*Lavender Frosted Circus Cookies
*Looking Glass (coconut milk, woodsmoke & clean cotton)
*Meadows (lavender fields, tonka, oud, cedar & thyme)
*Nature (violets, cedar & thyme, ozone, camphor, citrus, berries & juniper)
*Peach of Pie (Pie Crust, Vanilla, Peach and Whipped Cream)
*Peanut Butter Mocha (peanut butter cookie and coffee with a touch of chocolate & whipped cream)
*Pink Towels (Coconut Milk, Honey I Washed the Kids type, and Barber Shop 1920s)
*Pink Velvet (7-up poundcake, fresh strawberry cotton candy frosting)
*Pirate’s Daughter (Melon, mandarin, orange blossom and star jasmine on woody vanilla musk -alien type)
*Pop Rocks (pineapple pear pop rock candy)
*Prosecco & Strawberries (prosecco blush & strawberries)
*Rose Linen (rosewood, fresh linen & musk)
*Stubborn Love (Ginger Lime, Twilight type, Vanilla Bean Noel)
*Sultana - lush type (lemon, woodland strawberry, rose, lavender, fresh ginger, woods & dark musk)
*Sunlit Morning (fresh linen with figi dates & lemon peel)
*That’s My Daughter in the Water (Copper Coconut, Salty Sea Air and Cotton Sheets)
*The Ghost (arctic air, mountain heather, cedar wood, norwegian balsam, amber, oak moss & barbershop 1920s)
*Toasted Marshmallow Cappuccino
*VSCO Girl (baggy t-shirts, velvet scrunchies & a hydroflask 😆)
*Wine Cellar (mulled cider, fresh figs & cedar wood)
Winter Mint (vanilla cool mint)
*XOXOXO (lavender marshmallow, American cream type & fresh linen)


  • Image of Break a Part Bars (new formula)
  • Image of Break a Part Bars (new formula)