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Bitty Loaves

Bitty Scented Wax Loaf
(approx. 5.5oz)

*Autumn Skies with Cherry Vibes – campfire marshmallow with cherry palo

*Bahama Mama Frosted Circus Cookies - fresh coconut, oranges, nectarines, mango's, lemon, lime & pineapple with frosted circus cookies

*Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies + Birthday Cake + Vanilla Ice Cream + Cotton Candy *custom

*Blueberry Pistachio Angel Food Cake - fresh blueberries, pistachio macaron, angel food cake

*Braided Strawberry Bread *cc – strawberry pound cake, fresh picked strawberries, extra marshmallow fluff & fresh baked bread

*Cherry Cream Dr. Pepper Slushy - cherry slushy, whipped cream & Dr. Pepper

*Cherry Kissed cc- fluffy marshmallows, pink sugar, cotton candy frosting & cherry vanilla

*Citrus Bliss Iced White Tea - satsuma, lime, lemongrass and white tea

*Cotton Amber + Forest Thyme + Cashmere Forest + Lavender Fields *custom

*Dream Weaver - woodsmoke, clean + comfy, white linen & lavender linen

*Fresh Picked Strawberries + Marshmallow Fluff + Birthday Cake + Vanilla Bean Noel *custom

*Gain Island Fresh + Downy Blue + White Clouds *custom

*Grapefruit Cocktail *cc - pink grapefruit, vanilla bean noel & fizzy pop

*Honey Buttered Rolls – honey, vanilla & cinnamon bread            

*Indonesian Skies – falling skies, fresh citrus, fireside & teakwood

*Lemon Cream Zucchini Cake – lemon cream, zucchini bread & buttercream cupcakes

*Lemon Frosted Circus Cookies + Sugar Cookie Royale *custom

*Melon Kiss – Honey Dew melon, raspberries, Saltwater Taffy & frosting

*Nom, Nom, Nom - milk & cookies with zucchini bread

*Overcast - Rain Barrel & Gain Island Fresh

*Peppermint + American Cream + Coconut Shortbread *custom

*Pink Flamingo - Pink Sands (type) & Coconut Coast

+Poolside - swimming pool type, lime margarita & suntan lotion

*Salted Watermelon + Cool Citrus Basil + Coconut Lime Verbena *custom

*Sparkling Leprechaun - champagne toast, bartlett pear & cotton candy

*Strawberry Gauva Frosted Circus Cookies + Fresh Picked Strawberries *custom

*Strawberry Overload - strawberry pound cake, strawberry milk & spun sugar vanilla bean

*Strawberry Poundcake + Cupcakes at Tiffany’s +Frosted Circus Cookies *custom

*Strawberry Poundcake + Sugar Cookies + Palo Santo *custom

*Summer's End – banana, pineapple, suntan lotion, salty sea air & Marshmallow Fireside

*Swimming Pool + Yuzu +Salty Mariner + White Tea *custom

*Violet + White Clouds + Clean Cotton + Baby Powder *custom

*Wildberry Mousse Frosted Circus Cookies

*Winterberry - holly berry, juniper berry, red currant, pine tree & white musk

*Zombie Cookies - zucchini bread, cookie dough & sugar cookies

*Zucchini Bread + Vanilla Cake Pops + Cupcakes at Tiffany’s + Cappuccino *custom


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